Wednesday, August 21, 2013

She was a biiiiiiiiiiitttttttt looooooonnnnnyyyyyy.......

Hi Everyone, 1) AHHH! I promise I have not received any letters from Kelsey or I would have totally written her back! Are they e-mails or regular letters? I love ya Kels and think about our epic adventures all the time! 2)I liked this e-mail because I HAVE A NEW COUSIN!!! It kinda sucks because I can't hold her, but when I get back right (unless Uncle Danny and Aunt Dana want to make a surprise trip on over to the good ole Italia;))!? That is so wonderful to have another little one in the family! It is weird that it might be the last one of our large "Layton Crew!" So, on with the past week, ya? I didn't talk to many interesting people last week, but I will talk about three happenings;). 1) I met a woman who told me that she could heal my face (My pimples. She must have thought it was a horrible ailment of some kind?) She could "heal me" just by touching my face. 2) Zone Conference happened on Monday. Really good...and 3) I pushed myself to eat as much as I could, and it hurt;)!!! So, this lady. She was a biiiiiiittttt loooonnnnyyy. She had SO many stories about how she could "heal" people just by touching the part that hurt and then it was over. She said that the only thing that happened after "the touching" was that she took on the ailment herself, for a little bit. She was a pretty crazy lady and it took nearly everything in me to try and not ask her to do it right then and there to see what happened. She said that we needed to go to her house, perform "the touch procedure", and then we would have to leave immediately after and not be able to see her for a few days because the sickness would leave her REALLY weak! Call me crazy, but I was hesitant to believe her:)...seems a bit fishy to me, but maybe I will give it a try before I leave the GREAT city of Reggio;) haha!!! We get transfer calls in about a week and a half and I am kind of NOT looking forward to it! I LOVE the people of Reggio! I absolutely love talking with so many people and having so many friendships in this city! I've had 3 people tell me that they are going to cry when I leave! That is going to be LITERALLY THE WORST (where is that from Michael;)????)!!!! I am going to miss this city so much! It feels like home and I am really going to have a hard time leaving. I love the members here also. I truly love this city even if there are a bunch of stubborn Calabrese (people from the region of Calabria that are known to be a bit more rough around the edges than most Italians....or so I hear:)! haha I know that change is good, but sometimes I don't enjoy it! Zone Confernece was pretty sweet! It is a bit different having a different Mission President, but he is really cool all the same! He knows the scriptures really well and he can always incorporate them so well into what he is teaching! It is so wonderful to watch him work. I hope one day I can be as versed in scriptures as he is! I want to be like Sorella ____________ in the branch here! She is always quoting scriptures "LIKE A BOSS!" At the Confernece, there was a major focus on being honest and following mission rules because appearently there has been some happenings within the mission to where they felt they needed to address it! Sometimes it is really hard to follow ALL of the rules because they can be "un po pesante" (a little heavy) but they are there to keep us safe and as far from the adversary as possible! They are there to keep us safe as members of the church also! "Rules are put into place because we as 'natural man' would screw up without them!"<---- Quote from me;)(Feel free to use it...haha!!!) But in all seriousness, if rules/commandments weren't prominent in our lives, we wouldn't know the good from the bad! We wouldn't know exactly what God would want! I feel that is how Satan's plan would have gone. He wouldn't have told us what we would need to do so that way we would be living in "innocence" all of our lives! Cool thought huh? (ok....can't take credit for that one....Anziano Roby read a book somewhere with that thought in there!) Rules are important for EVERYONE! We need to follow them in order to get back to our Heavenly Father and to have a successful mission/life! We can't go on in life breaking them and expect to be rewarded from it right!? Right;)!!!!! So, we had dinner with ___________'s family this past week and boy did I eat SOOOO MUCH FOOD!!!!! I had two very large plates of Pasta al Forno, two grand plates of salad with chicken, a slice of melon, a peach, and two panini thingy-ma-bobs!!! I ate so much! My stomach hurt for about an hour after that and boy oh boy did I sleep well (Mom note.....Anyone else notice how much he is eating over there? Oh, the child is going to come back chubby:)!!! Ha ha ha...and then he will drop it within week back at home...not fair:) Well, that is about all that has happened this week! I am going to make these "last two weeks" in Reggio some of the best even though I have been doing that the entire time! I am so happy to be here and I truly love serving the people here!!! I am so glad that things are going well at home and that all of you are having fun and are safe! I love you guys so much and I have been thinking about how much I am going to eat at our family get together after the mission;) (Mom note...again, with the food!!!!) I love you all as always!!!! Anziano Dallin

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