Monday, October 21, 2013

Zone Leader

Ok, I need to make this really quick because they are kicking us out because they are doing something with all the computers! I will answer all the questions and send some pics! I hated leaving Reggio (mostly for my own personal reasons that I won't write because I don't want to take much time!) Taranto is way different. Big ward, big city, nice people... I hope I can make it mine like I made Reggio mine! The bus ride was for 10 hours and that was a bit brutal. I rode with Anziano Kuns and McIntyre. My new comp is from Henderson and knows my cousin Krystal (his friend dated her for awhile). His name is Anziano Garner. He is very quiet and just EXACTLY like me:) I did get called as Zone Leader and it is going to be a lot of responsibility! I am over 4 districts and as of right now, I am the only Leader. To say I've overwhelmed is an understatement. Hahaha! Yah, I am just following Anziano Sloan around the mission I think. He was "born" in Reggio like I was and then moved around to Taranto like me and then got called as Zone Leader here while he was here! I will let you know the address when I know it! lol Well, I need to go! I am sorry it's so short! Better letter next time! Love you mom.

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