Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Been quite sick

Dear Family!

I wanted to begin by saying I love you guys very much and I am sorry Jaycee was so sad when you dropped me off, but just know it was the right thing to do and I am happy!  And know that I miss you guys too...a bit...Not too much just yet:)

The MTC is pretty awesome!  Our teacher jumped right in Italian which was a bit overwhelming, but I hope and pray that I will be able to pick it up pretty quickly. 

Ok...It's days later from when I started this letter now. I'm technically not supposed to be writing right now, but I have been quite sick and I'm pretty much quarantined to my room:)  I got either the flu bug or food poisoning and I've been throwing up horribly, but I'm doing "ok" now and on the upswing.

It is day 5 in the MTC and so much has happened in the past few days!  I should probably start off by telling you about my companion and roomies.

My companion in really cool and fun!  We like a lot of the same things and we have a lot of the same humor and mannerisms.  He is easy to talk with.  I've met a lot of the people we sit around with at meals and everyone is just awesome!  God has definitely blessed me with a great companion ('s interjection...WHAT IS YOUR COMPANION'S NAME??)  and I am excited to have him with me along for the ride!  My roomates are Anziano Barone and Anziano Burton!  They are a companionship and they are fairly good at Italian already. 

Anziano Barone's family is from Sicilia and he speaks a lot of Italian already which is a great help to us Amuricaans:)!  He is from California.  I think around the Glendora area?  He is a really awesome guy!  His dad is Catholic and was really opposed to him going on a mission, but he decided to come out anyway.  I like him a lot. 

Anziano Burton is from Holiday Utah and skied professionally for awhile which is really awesome to find out (Mom interjection again....For those of  you who saw the video of all the kids opening their calls, I'm pretty sure Anziano Burton was in that).  He also played a bit of basketball in high school, but I don't think Utah basketball is the same as Vegas basketball:)!  All of us are getting along really well and we are working well together which is always a plus!

My Italian is coming along ok.  There are some similarities to Spanish, but MANY differences!  I feel like I can understand a lot more than I did on day one though, which is nice!

Well, this concludes letter #1 and I promise, there will be many more to come!  I love you all and hope all is going well.  Tell JC that I will write him specifically on my P-Day which are on Thursdays while in the MTC.

Love Dallin (Anziano Layton)

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