Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anziano Burton had a hand cannon...

SEE!  Your email just "dinged" and I MADE YOU SMILE!!! See how easy that is?!?!
Ok. I am running out of time, so this letter may or may not make sense while you are reading it, but we only have a certain amount to be here and I already spent 6 minutes trying to fin d out my password, SO HERE IT GOES!!! :)
It has been a week since I have been here, and I have enjoyed nearly every single bit of it. I will explain the bit that I didn't like in minute. My companion's name is Anziano Prete (means "Priest" in Italian) and he is about 6'1", blonde, athletic, loves the gospel, and needless to say, we get along just fine. We hit it off from day one and are determined to keep it up! We want to be known as one of the best pairs in the MTC. My roomies are Anziano Barone and Anziano Burton whom are really awesome also! Barone's family is from Italy and he speaks a lot of Italian already and is so willing to help everyone in the District learn and has been such a blessing for all of us! He is from Glendora CA and likes a bunch of things that I like also! He makes me laugh so much! His dad is Cattolico and didn't want him to go on a mish, but he went anyway! Talk about a adoration for the Church HUH!?> Burton is a fire-cracker! You never know when that kid is going to get a burst of energy and start doing random stuff. For example, today, he pretended he had a hand canon and ran away from us "blowing" up buildings because his canon had "misfired." Sounds nerdy, but he is funny! He is from Holliday UT and has a great love for the Gospel!!! I have been blessed to be with these guys and I am so excited to spend another 5 weeks with them! We always stay up way over the "lights out" time just talking!...I'm such a rebel...
The language is coming, but not too fast! I still have a lot to work out! They said that Spanish would be a lot like it, but the words aren't really alike and they speak a lot differently than Spanmish speakers do! It is such a beautiful language and I cannot wait to be able to speak soon! By the 5th week here, my room made a pact to speak "SOLO ITALIANO!" I can't wait to speak my broken Italian;)! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!
Now for the reason the MTC hasn't been treating me ok. The food here is decent and I eat a good amount;), but I must've eaten something bad on Saturday, because I was quarantined to my room on Sunday because I practically threw up everything I had eaten for the prior two days it felt like! I am ok now though and I am back to eating a "good amount!" :D
My days here are full of studying the language! We speak, read, sing, teach, and everything else to try and get better in Italian before we leave. I have been making flashcards and testing myself that way! We "teach" and "investegator" named Giuseppe about the Gospel here and it has to be in Italian. Our first try at it tanked. Anziano Prete and I were pretty broken and humbled after that! Since then though, we have been able to bust out some awesome lessons and even though they are in Italian, I can feel the spirit! We "committed" him to baptism last lesson and he said, "Once he knows more, he might think about it more often." Good sign for us being 5-6 lessons in! (for those of you who don't know, these are "practice people" that he is practicing on)
I have ran into quite a few people here! I saw Brandon Fish (Madrid), Jessie Rice, Whitely Hunsaker(SOuth Korea), Derrick Eliason (Chicago), Mary Moody (China), and a few other people! I miss Miguel and I hope he is doing well in Peru! It must've been hard for Aunt Anghie to drop him off like that, but I know he is doing the correct thing with his life! I love that kid and wish him the best of luck. Let me know his address as soon as you do ya?
I love you guys and I hope all is going well at home! Know that I am having a blast here and I love the Gospel so much! I know this church is true and that my older brother Jesus Christ is great! His Atonement has saved all of us and I wish I could hug him and thank him forever!
You guys should get a letter from me every Thursday:)!
PS- Happy V-Tines Day
PPS- One of my new favorite scriptures is Mosiah 28:3 (or5?...I'm not sure now) ......with he sound of a trump! I need and want to get to that point!!!!

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