Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Spirit never ceases to speak to us...we just sometimes are too busy to listen

Hey There Mom and Everyone,
I am a third of the way done here at the MTC and I have had so many great spiritual experiences already! It has been so great! I love the devotionals and talks given by our leaders and others. It is pretty great!
Ya. That video of Burton has made him pretty famous. There have been a lot of people that have asked him about it! He knows so many people and just walks off from time to time during our eating times and talks to different people! He loves to talk when it isn't morning time, but then again, who does;)?
Thank you guys so much for the V-Day package! I loved having everyone write me to show their love for ME! Thank you so much! I still have the Oreos. I don't have any milk to eat them with yet, but once I do, they will all be gone;)! As of right now though, I am eating them, slowly but surely! Mom, I am so grateful to be born into the family that I was! Needless to say, we kinda’ rock!!! Laytons Represent:D! Tell everyone thank you!
I was so happy to hear about Alexa and her willingness to serve a mission! She is going to be such a great missionary!  She is such a hard worker and just a good person! She is so fun to be around and EVERYONE in Peru is going to love her personality and be able to feel her love for them! Please tell her I am so proud of her and I hope that she is enjoying preparing for it! Also! I know she is doing the right thing and it will bless her immensely in her life!
Oh Miguel... I am so proud of that kid! I miss him loads already! Time has been going by so quickly and it's crazy that he has been there a week already! I hope he is enjoying it and Aunt Angie is holding it together well;). I can't wait to hear the stories that he will have while being on his mission! I am planning on writing him today also! I just hope the food gets better for him:D!
Ok... Now to the meat of the letter. My daily schedule consists of a lot of sitting and listening. We are in the classroom for about 8 hours per day and it's driving me a bit crazy. Not too much, but a bit...;). I have 45 minutes to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We have a lot of personal/comp study during the day, which turns into a lot of language study because we need it to be. We have a program called T.A.L.L. (Technology Assisted Language Learning) every day which helps a bit, but it's not like being taught by a teacher. We then have an hour to enjoy solo time before we go to bed which turns into about 30 minutes because of the getting ready for bed process. Those 30 minutes feel the most spiritual out of the entire day in my opinion. My roomies and I turn off the room lights and turn on our desk lights and don't speak for about 15 minutes until we have room prayer! In that time, I have been creating scripture chains that have to do with certain subjects.    That is by far when I can feel the Spirit the most! That time is truly the best time of my day (other than my gym-time)!
Please let everyone  know that I love them immensely! I want them to know that I am so happy here and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary! I know that the Spirit works miracles and never ceases to speak with us...we just sometimes are too busy to listen! While being here, I have had so much patience, love, compassion, adoration, and an all-around beautiful time with the people here. I love the gospel and I hope that I can change/plant at least one seed into at least one person in while serving in Italy!
Tell everyone that I love them back home! Tell J.C. I talk about him daily and I miss him terribly! I pray for all you daily and miss you all! My time is up..... Phooey! Until next Thursday!



  1. Thank you for sharing!! He is an amazing man and I am so grateful to be his friend!!! He is always a great example to me and my family!!! Silently we "observed" him in church on Sundays and learned a great deal with his "silent" example!! Sooo grateful to know your family!!!

  2. Who said Aunt Angie holding it together well! Oh, I love that kid!!!