Thursday, February 28, 2013

He looked straight at me and waved, as if to say, "You are going to do well!

Hi There:),
I just want to let everyone know that I am doing well here at the MTC. Although I don't know the language too well yet, I am so excited to get out into the field and teach the people of Italy what this beautiful gospel has to offer!

Ok, so there have been many things that have happened in the past week that I want to say, but I have a limited amount of time, so I will keep it down to a couple. Number 1: Every Monday, we have this activity called TRC (Training Resource Center). It's where you talk with people who can speak the language that you are learning and pretty much give them a spiritual thought that you feel is necessary. Teach by the Spirit kind of thing! This weeks' experience was the best! We taught one of my comp's good friends and we didn't use a translated script for us to use! We went in there blind, but we felt ready to teach. It was the second most spiritual experience that I had in the MTC. We were teaching him about the importance of prayer and right in the middle of the lesson, I had the prompting to ask him to bear his testimony. With that in mind, I did just that. He bore his testimony and that act brought the spirit that neither Anziano Prete or I could have brought if we had just taught him. He got a bit choked up in the middle and teared up. After that spiritual message, he told us, "I don't ever get choked up, but you guys knew how to bring it out of me. Thank you.  Needless to say, I was one happy Elder;).
Number 2: We had M Russell Ballard speak to us at the Devotional on Tuesday. That was the most spirit filled experience in the MTC as of yet. He gave such a wonderful talk! He had many things to say about missionary work and the gospel. I wrote so many things down and still couldn't catch all of what I wanted to! The best quote that came from his talk in my opinion was when he was talking about what we need to do as missionaries. "I am here now Lord. My life is in thy hands. Guide me, bless me, and let me draw near unto thee. Let the Lord take over you." Talk about a great message! While he was leaving, he walked right near to where I was standing.  He looked straight at me and waved to me, as if to say, "You are going to do well!" I am so happy to be a part of this true and loving church to where our highest leaders know and love us!

I will write letters home about more, but I don't have time now:/.

I am so proud of Jayce! He has been working so hard and it is going to suck when I lose to him for the first time when I get back;). I will never let that happen! I will refuse to play him and only play old man ball if I have to;). I will be able to take him in soccer though! I miss that kid and I'm sure the MTC would be ok if you just dropped him off to me and let me take him with me to Italy! I don't know if you (Mom) would be able to handle both of her babies being gone though;). Tell him I talk about him daily and brag about him to all of my friends! None of them have a cooler brother than me! BOOM!!!

To answer your questions Mom, Ashton, Taylor, Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda, Grandma and Grandpa, and some other of the family members have written to me:). I appreciate the letters so much everyone! Thank you! I don't have access to an account, but I would assume I have access to a notary because of the travel office is here. I could be wrong though. I will find out for sure and let you know.

The Devotionals have been great here and everyone gives great talks that have made me want to be a better person all the way around!

It was sad to hear about the Centennial boys, but they gave it a good run! Man!  I miss playing on that team! I was fortunate to be a part of that organization. It really was something special. If you see anyone from the team, let them know I REALLY wished for them to smash Gorman at least once, but it will happen eventually;). Gorman just has it coming to them;)! Grrrrr......

I have heard that Michael is doing well in Peru, and I am so happy for him! He is going to be such a great missionary and I can't wait to hear all of the stories that he has when we get back! I hope the food has gotten better for him though! I hate fake hot dogs;)!

Well, until next week I suppose! I love you all, and you are always in my prayers!


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