Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Trust God"...what a simple and powerful message!

Hi There:),

It seems as if every week here kinda blends together and that's why my e-mails haven't been that eventful sorry! I will try and make a conscious effort to make them more interesting;). I sent some pics as well so you can put faces with names.  Well here it goes...:D

I will answer the questions you have before I go onto what has happened with me.

I am happy to announce that while in the MTC, I have put on one ONE WHOPPING POUND!  I eat so much Mom (just ask anyone in my District). I usually eat two plates of food every night and yet I don't gain anything;). Last Saturday, I ate a plate of everything they offered to us and I still had some ice cream to settle the deal! You have raised a big boy mother! You should be proud!

I did find out about a notary. They have TWO of them here! They also have an ATM which is awesome! I do have a departure date that is estimated to be March 19th. We get our travel plans today if our Visas went through, so I will let you know as soon as I know, ya know;)? I will be calling you in the morning more likely than not. Everyone that leaves here usually leaves quite early in the morning like 6 Utah time or something early like that (again, we will find out tonight for sure and I will let you know).

They just need to take what we said about the plane crash. Use it and get it done with (he's talking about me being Subpoenaed for the plane crash I witnessed)! Haha!!

Like I said before, the weeks here kinda blend together, but this week was pretty good. My comp got put as District Leader and he has a way of creating a lesson that pretty much dominates all other lessons I have heard! He is going to be a great missionary I can already tell.

Also this week, we had Elder Marcos A Aidokaitis (of the 70) come and speak to us! That was so awesome. He spoke about the Three Kingdoms of Glory and what it takes to get there! It was so awesome to hear him speak! There were a few things that I really loved hearing him say!
1) "Trust God." <- What a simple phrase yet it was the most powerful message to me out of anything in his talk! The way he spoke out how we need to trust our Father in Heaven to want the best for us was incredible and his testimony was unmatchable it seemed!
2) He quoted M. Russel Ballard by saying, "It's not a matter of what you do, it is a matter of becoming!"<- This could not be more true. To make it to the Celestial Kingdom we need to "become" different people. We need to become the best people that we can in order to get to him again.
3) Elder Aidokaitis also quoted Thomas S. Monson. He said, "Choices determine destinies." I couldn't agree more. I have believed that since I have been a little kid wanting to make it back to my Father in Heaven!
His talk was great! I wish there was a way that you could watch it so you could feel the way that I did when I watched it!

 I love my Father in Heaven and he has put me on this path so I can learn, grow, and love the people of Italy! I can't wait to share my message with them! So many need the message that I have and I cannot wait to share it:D!

I want to share a portion of my testimony. I know this church is true! I know that my Father in Heaven has saved me for this time of the world so I can help gather his children back to him. I love every second that I have on this earth. I came to the realization yesterday that this life goes by way to fast to waste even just one second! I have literally blinked and a month has gone by. I already have a love for the people of Italy and I am not even there yet. I know that the Lord blesses lives when we obey His commandments he has set! I know that my older brother Jesus Christ suffered for me and I am so indebted to him! Thank you all for all of your influence on me.




P.S. Can you send Lorenzo Snow's experience of seeing Heavenly Father and Bruce R. McConkie's (sorry if I misspelled that) talk on the Kingdoms of Glory?
P.P.S If you guys want to, I would highly recommend watching the Mormon Message called "The Will of God." It's a great one!

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