Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maybe they won't listen to what I say, but they will see what I do!!!

I am so glad that Michael is home now! I have literally been counting the minutes for the last week to find out about him! I didn't know what was going on and it really sucked!!!! I wanted to know everything so much and I couldn't! Grrrrr....One frustrated Anziano over here! Well Michael, I pray for a speedy recovery and I do love you my man! Keep yourself safe and I hope that you will have a good time with the family for a bit until you get to go back out and baptize a bazillian more tiny Ecuadorians:)!!!!
I saw the Westbrook picture already! _______ was so excited to show me! I freaked out when I saw it! Right when the picture cam up I said, " NO WAY!?", stood up, walked out to the balcony, and jumped around because I was so happy and excited for Jayce!!!! That is so awesome!
About Pops! I really hope today's interview goes well! That man deserves EVERYTHING, because he is so great in EVERYTHING! I pray that it will go through also! Papa, you would be so proud of me this past week. I used my mad negotiating skills (learned from you of course:)  ) for the first time to buy some towels. You would have been so proud:). I think I have mastered my balance of firmness and joking around;)! Thank you Papa for teaching me so many things;)! haha
I don't know what the picture was all about. His wife wanted us to show the cameras we had and Anziano Davids was admiring my impressive muscoli;)! HAHA!!! 
I have another memory card, but I don't want to just stop using this one since I have so much more room to take up. I can get one here if neither of them work though. Yes, I do think this will be my last transfer in Reggio, but if Aunt Angie sends it to the mission home, I will get it at Zone Conference probably. Don't send packages to my house. I am usually never home when they drop off mail. For the transfer though, I would like to stay down south or maybe go to Sardegna! That would be awesome! I would love that a lot!!!!!!
Here also, there was no really big news, but I did want to share a small story of service:
Every Monday, we take a boat over to Messina to do District Meeting with the Anziani and Le Sorelle over there. This boat ride is always hot, hectic, loud, tiring and so on. So after the ride, nearly every one was running to get off the boat (We usually just sit in the chairs until most people are off anyway so we don't have to stand in a long line). Once most people were off, I noticed that there was an old lady who had a lot of bags, so I asked if I could help her! She looked at me and nearly started crying! "If you could, that would be great," she answered!!!!! She asked where we were from and I said, "I am from Las Vegas and he (Rowbotham) is from TX." She then busted out in great English! Thank you so much for this again! You Two are so kind!" We assured her that we were always here to just help people and that she didn't need to worry about anything! Once we dropped her things off at the car where her ride was, she came to us and started reading my nametag frantically trying to memorize the churches name! That woman was so grateful for a helping hand I am so happy that I made someone happy! She was such a nice lady and who knows, maybe she will remember the day that the missionaries from our church helped her off the boat!? I have no idea, I am just glad to be able to help people and show people that our church really wants us to live a service-filled Christ-like life. Maybe they won't listen to what I say, but they will see what I do!!!
 I feel like that is a very large reason of why I am here. There are many people who do not even know of the church and I am so glad to be the one introducing them to it! I am so happy to be showing them that our church is wonderful and we live our lives in high standards for a reason! I am so happy to be here!
Again, another shout out to my cousin Michael Patrick Costello! He is the most awesome dude EVER!!!! LONG LIVE BRIK!!!!!!!!!!! <--------- There are only 3 people in this world who will get that reference...:)
I love you all!
Dallin "The Anziano" Layton 

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