Wednesday, July 24, 2013

" can never give up faith, buddy..."

Well, I am so excited that you all had a fun time up in Oregon! I am sorry that you guys missed the rain and all that also! Mom, I am sorry that you got fried (along with evereyone else (besides Jayce...that little Indian babo!!!)) and I hope that it didn't hurt too much! I am so happy that all of you got there and returned safely and that you had such a wonderful time!

I am also so excited that Pops' interview went well! I am for sure going to "pour out my heart unto the Lord!" He deserves all the blessings that the Lord has in store for him. This being one of them! Also, the location wouldn't be half bad;). lol He told me where it was and I am pretty sure that I would enjoy that a fair amount;)! haha

I am so glad that I get to serve another 6 weeks here in Reggio! I love this city and it really does feel like home to me! I think that is how it is for nearly every missionary though so I am not the only one;)! I also really helps that I have "family" here also! _____ and her family make me feel as if I am with all of you other than the fact that even when most of them stand on chairs they still aren't as tall as me;)! ( I keep thinking that if Ricky and I served together, we would just intimidate all the people into listening:) )! They are so wonderful though. _____ is always so happy to see me and so willing to be motherly to anyone that I bring with me! They just make me feel so welcome and loved every time that I see them in any circumstance! When I see their little kids running around, I think of how many times I ran around Grandma and Grandpa's house with the little ones and then I would get in trouble for it;)! haha Needless to say, of course when the kids get to running around, I have to start playing with them also;)! They have started to say, "Ciao Layton! Love you!" That makes me feel so good:)! (mom note....Those of us who really know Dallin, know how true this is! Nothing makes him happier than playing with the little ones!)

Well, nothing much happened this week, but I did want to tell you all one story that happened last week during a "scambio" (comp exchange). So as I said a few weeks ago, we are teaching a guy named _________ and he is an awesome guy from Nigeria who we met on the train coming back from a  lunch appointment. We met with him and had a really good lesson about baptism by reading 2 Nephi 31 (great baptism chapter). We read the chapter and stopped periodically to explain what was going on. Once we finished the chapter and I had explained how important baptism is, I looked at him and his head was bowed. So, I let the Spirit do it's work for a bit. He began to breath heavier and I then saw a tear roll down to the tip of his nose and drop to the ground. All I could do was try to comfort him by putting my hand on his back and say, "____________ everything will be ok." (I had no idea at this point why he was so upset) He continued like this for another 10-15 seconds and then looked at me with his flooded eyes and says, "Man, I have suffered. I have suffered nearly more than anyone could ever suffer in this life and I would never wish my life on anyone else. I have been on my own, needing to provide for myself since 1994 ( I think he is only around 26?). My life has been hard and I know that there has to be a reason for it. With this thing that you have just explained, it could take the hardest parts all away from me?" We then explained that it could and he could become a "new person" spiritually. He then bowed his head again for awhile. I then said, "__________, this life is hard and especially yours from what you have told me, but you can never give up faith buddy." He then looked at me again so intently and said very distinctly, "Never." When he said that one simple word, it sent chills down my spine! What a great faith this man has! He has had a life of hardships that I could never even dream of having and he still has the faith that there is something out there worth reaching for. He is incredible!!!!!

People like this are so wonderful! I am greatful for this mission and the fact that there are people out there in this world that have an unbreakable testimony and this great faith!!! I LOVE the mission. Yes, it is hard, but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all as with every single letter!



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