Monday, October 14, 2013

Transfer to Taranto

Mom and the Rest of the Fam, Thank you for the letter and especially the package Aunt Angie! I promise I will get a letter to you soon! While I am on the 10 hour bus ride to my next area I can write it for you! So, as you all know, I am getting transferred (________ told me that you posted right after she told you where I was going;)) I am headed to Taranto. Right in the heel of the boot. I hope that I will enjoy it! It is a really big ward from what I have heard and I now have the opportunity to work with members! I am excited for the change, but at the same time I am sad to leave. This has been my home for the past 8 months and I know that I am going to miss A LOT of the things about it! I know I will enjoy the next place, but it will not be like my first city. Reggio truly feels like a second home. I leave on Wednesday from Catania. 10 hours bus ride! WHOOP WHOOP! Hopefully there will be others riding with me! From what I know right now, my new comp has been out two transfers and I will be his "follow up trainer." I am going to try my best to find a new friend in Taranto for you mom. Don't you worry;)! I will definitely try. haha Ora, non ho tanto di dire. Dopo questo manderò alcune foto affinché voi potete vedere come sono stato questo trasferimento! Ciao ciao! Anziano Layton Mom, a little side note, I am so grateful for the relationship we have! Yep, we are pretty awesome together! Always have been and always will be! I'm grateful for as much as I love and respect you, I know that you love and respect me too. Thank you for being my mom. I have always had the knowledge that I come from a home of love. Love for me, for Jayce and for our family, and I thank you for that. I'll send pics!

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