Thursday, October 3, 2013

Make someone happy today!!!

Hi Mom, I know that you want a lot of information, that letter you just wrote me was a novel! lol Thank you for all the information though! I love knowing about what is going on at home! The weather is getting a bit more mild, but it is really humid and pretty hot still but it is nothing like what it was during the summer! That was just horrible! I sweated more than I ever thought I could! I am so happy that it is cooling down because that way once we have to put our jackets on this coming Monday, we won't be sweating nearly as much (mom note...I'm not quite sure what that means? Maybe there is a wardrobe regulation change come Monday???) ! I hope that I go somewhere really cold for the winter that way I can actually be comfortable with being in a suit! We will see! We get the call next Saturday so start guessing where I'm going now;)! Mom, I don't want anything for my birthday or Christmas:)! I am having everything that I could ever want! Every day here is like Christmas to me! I mean come on!? Who else do you know that gets to spend 2 years in Italy!? WHOOP WHOOP! I am seriously fine though. Don't you worry about me! I e-mailed Alexa last week! She said she loves the missiona dn loves us our family! She is going to be such a good missionary! I have no idea where that CD case would be mom. It may be in the white drawer thing that we bought for me for college? I ave no idea though? Well, ___________, we haven't been able to teach for like the past 3 months because she has been traveling (because it was vacation time) studying (because school just started), or we have had something going on when she is free! _____________ is no longer in Reggio for the moment. He left to Catania so I transferred him on over to the Catania Anziani, ___________ and ____ are doing well! _____'s daughter comes into town from Como tomorrow so we get to have a huge Filipinni BBQ after Corso d'Inglese!!! I cannot wait! SO GOOOOOOD and SOOOO MUCH FOOFFOOFOFOFODDODDODODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO! It is going to be really hard for me to leave Reggio, but it is time. I feel like I have served a good time here and I put forth a huge amount of effort to do my best! It is my time to pass it on;). Anziano Prete is from Orem UT. He is awesome! Not sure if I will ever have a comp like him again, but if I don't, the last two transfers of the mission, I am going to ask Presidente if we can serve together! That would be sweet! Ashlyn!!!! THAT DRAWING IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! I got my mom's side of the art abilities I think, but sports are an art right;)!? We went around and fixed nearly all of the volontini that we put up around the city with just one line on it to fix the phone number and we have been receiving a goodly amount of calls lately for it! It just sucks because we handed out over 300 biglietini (flyers) to people with the wrong information on it! Oh well? Live and learn, right;)!? I am very excited for conference! We will be watching it in English again because none of the members are coming even when we invited them to come. I think it would have been cool to have tried it in Italian to see what I could get out of it, but I am glad that I can watch it in English also. That just means that I have watched 1/2 of my Conferences in English;)! haha About the language thing, there is A LOT to learn about this language and I will never be able to converse about the science of particle regeneration (don't know if that is a real subject), but I feel like I have a fairly good handle on conversant language and I am only 8 months in:). I don't think that is half bad. I actually got complemented, along with Anziano Prete, by an Italian elder that said we spoke Italian very well:)! That made me feel good about what I was doing:). Always remember though mom, as you are reading the scriptures ponder the verses that mean something. Don't just blow through them, yah:)? Make sure that you put yourself in the situation. Write down the thoughts that come to mind when you read certain things. Make them yours:)! I would like to end with a really cool quote that I thought of up while listening to Chijioke the other day. "The sky is not the limit. Make it your starting point!" I am trying to do this every day so that I am always on top of my efforts and that I am making sure that I am doing my best to invite other to come unto Christ! I love you all! Make the sky your starting points! Make someone happy today! Love you, Dallin

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