Thursday, September 26, 2013

So glad Dadi and Dada are safe

Ok Everyone, BE SAFE IN THIS WORLD!!!!! I am thinking about all of you now more than ever. Beth told me last night about what has happened in Nairobi! Please be safe! I guess I can't lecture...Michael and I are probably the most dare-devilish people in the family, but please be careful! You just never know if crazies are among us. Papa, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin and I'm so grateful and Dadi and Dada are safe. Love you Pops. I love you and miss you all...just stay safe! I have been hearing from quite a few of you and I am so glad that you are all doing well and everything! Thank you for the letters. They really do mean a lot! I am going to need to make this one a bit short (sorry mom) because I have a limited amount of time, but I will hit the main points:)! After the Madonna festivities, we have been able to do a bit more finding! I am so upset though! We noticed that all of the English course pubblicitĂ  was wrong by one number on our telephone number! I am really upset. We had so much success inviting people to class, and now...well, who knows. Grrrr.... We just had ZC two days ago and they really stressed obedience! I think the mission presidents are really taking pushing this so that we can be safe and not be caught in any situations like some of them that have been happening around the world!!! You just never know in life huh? All we can do is try to be faithful and be aware of our surroundings. I also got to see Anziano Prete (mtc comp) for the first time since leaving for Reggio on the first day! It was such a good reunion between great friends! I love that kid! Presidente and _____________ have left Reggio so now we are Branch Presidentless and I am thinking that I may be presiding at some of the mettings now;)!? haha We will see what Presidente Waddoups has to say on the matter! I was very sad along with ___________ for them to go, but she found work and that is something that needs to happen especially if you live here in Italy! If you find work, then you GO!!! I guess that is for all the world right now huh? We made homemade pizza and it was REALLY GOOD! We are going to be making it 3 times a week now once we go grocery shopping:)!!! Oh, I'm gonna feed you soooooo goooooooood when I get home:)! Well, as I said before, I love you all!!!! BE SAFE!!! Dallin

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