Monday, November 11, 2013

"Overall, it was just a great week for me:)!"

Mom, Pops and All:), First: Mom, Grandma wanted me to tell you whether she should use "Dear Elder" or the regular letters. The regular ones are better apparently because I haven't ever received ANY "Dear Elder" letters;)! haha Ok, well, this week was pretty cool. There was a good amount of things that happened and that is always a good thing in the Italy Rome Mission;). We had Zone Conference, we met some pretty cool people, and overall, it was just all around a great week for me:). So, about Zone Conference. It was quite different than what I had planned, President Waddoups wasn't there like I thought he was going to be. He needed to go home because of an emergency eye appointment because his eyes were going screwy on him. I don't know the specifics of everything, but I just know that his eyes were pretty funky and Anziano Steuer (Waddoups' 2nd counselor) had to do all of his addestramenti! Anziano Steuer did a really good job and brought the Spirit to the Conference! He bore testimony a lot on the Book of Mormon (because that was the theme) and he just made the trainings really good and informative:). I gave an addrestramento by myself (because I was the only ZL) that I feel went really well. I learned a lot of thing things that I need to work on just from preparing it! The STL's did fairly well on their addrestramento also and the food that we ate was pretty good once it finally got there (15-20 minutes late:/). That was a relief that it finally got there because I had was in charge of ordering it and the guy told me he would be there at 1 o'clock sharp but he wasn't! I was STRESSING and I was just happy to have something to eat;)! haha All around, the conference was good and the Spirit was felt:)! After the Zone Conference, we did some finding with the assistants and we found and talked with some pretty cool people that eventually wanted to learn more. We are going to try and get into contact with them soon because they seemed fairly interested:). We met with one woman who is a Jehovah's Witness but she seemed really happy to talk with us:)! We met with her already and she invited us back to talk more:)! She could be really promising I feel! Send the prayers! And the end. It was just a great week for me. I woke up every day feeling rested and ready to go about the day! It was really good for me:)! I hope this week continues to be that way because we have a lot of potential things that could turn out to be GREAT if they pull through:)! Now to answer the questions: -We are going to be going to Consenza the weekend of my birthday and yes I do know the Anziani there. One of them was actually in the MTC with me and we share the same birthday:)so we'll be spending our birthdays together! GO SAGITTARIUS!!!! - There are 3 districts in my zone which makes around 22-24 missionaries:). - That woman in the cimitero was the daughter. We have yet to meet her because she comes back to Taranto 15th of Nov. So we will try and set something up soon! I love you ALL so much. It is crazy that I have been out for 9 months and I only have three to go until a year! Anziano Layton Mom! I read that piece of that talk that you read yesterday and had the same thought! That is so cool:)! Well, I love you!!!! Have a great week!

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