Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I would not want to be anywhere else

Hey there Everyone!!!!

Ok, so the big new first!!!! Last nigth we went over to ____________'s house and we start talking about the B of M. After about 20 minutes of listening to what he has to say, he says, "Layton, I didn't want to tell you this just yet because I wanted to just call you, but plan for the 16th." I thought for a second and then it clicked! The BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!! The baptism is on! He told us flat out that he is getting baptized ont hat date because he feels that our teachings are what he wants in his life! We need to work with him on a  few things, but that man is the most prepared person I have EVER met! He knows the answers to everything that we say even before we bring up the topic. For example, last night, we wanted to talk a little bit about the baptism and ask him the baptismal interview questions so that we could get a feel on what he knows and what we still need to discuss! He answered EVERY single questions EXACTLY! This man is so incredible! I really do feel a different type of spirit when I walk into his house! I love this man so much and I probably have a stronger relationship with him than I do a lot of other people ! I love this guy so much! We have given him a couple days to think about who he wants to do the baptism and the confirmation so we don't know who he wants to do that!? I hope he chooses me as one of them though:D!!!!

Mom, I could not be happier with that quote that you sent me from President Holland! We get so much rejection and many days feel as if they are the same day over and over, but then there are the few (like we had this week, mentioned above) that make ALL of the negativity, slammed doors, harsh words, NO words at all, etc... ALL worth it! I am working as hard as I can to talk with a TON of people here in the mission with the hope and faith that God will guide and direct me in the things I am supposed to accomplish while here.

I am LOVING the mission because of ALL the ups and downs that I have! Sometimes it feels like 
an emotional roller-coaster because of the happiness, frustration, mental exhaustion, etc...g, but at the same time I am having the time of my life! I would NOT want to be ANYWHERE else at this point in time. I know that this is where and when I was supposed to be in Italy! I wanted this mission and I got it! It is not by chance that it happened that way! I have the GREAT opportunity to see those people change who I am close to and that is the greatest feeling that I could ever have! I have a little bit under a year left to be here and I really hope that this desire to do my best stays with me for the entire time because there are a TON of people here that NEED to hear what we have to say!

Zone Confernece was this past week as mom probably posted a few pics and it went really well! 
We ate a bunch of food catered by a less-active member who still has a REALLY strong testimony of the church and is ALWAYS happy to see the missionaries! His name is ___________ and he is SO funny and ALWAYS willing to help us out! The entire conference was about personal revelation and obedience! It went really well secondo me!

Well, that is pretty much it! I am so excited about ____________! We have so much to do before the baptism! We need to let EVERYONE know about this here so that they can come! We NEED a huge turn out of people to support him:)!

Well, I love you guys so much!

Anziano Dallin    

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