Monday, January 13, 2014

Got to drive a real car! Woo Hoo!

Hey there Family and Friends,

Thank you for the e-mail! I always love getting information about the family, friends, SPORTS and everything else about home! Ya mom, I have heard about the cold all the way over here! Our english course students tell us information every once in awhile about America. I didn't believe what they were saying there for a little bit but then I went into a pizzeria and the news was talking about it! WOW! I hope everyone is safe over there! Tell Dex to put another pair of socks on for me;)! haha

Well instead here, we are having quasi (almost) perfect weather. Highe 60's low 70's! Great stuff Southern Italy! I could see me coming back to visit many a time;)!

So, onto the new comp. His name is Anziano Smit. He served in Malta for around 8 months and he LOVED it! Very surprisingly, he speaks Italian fairly well still. He is from New Mexico and plays soccer for SVU (Southern Virginia Uni).  He is one of 4 in his family and he loves them a lot. He has about 6 months left of his mission and he wants to tear it up these last few moments that are going to flash by VERY quickly! He has a great testimony and I feel like we are going to be a GREAT companionship! I feel like we are going to be together for another transfer after this and he might "die" (finish his mission) in Taranto. He is a cool kid and I am excited to see what we can accomplish togther!!!

Well, other than that information right there, nothing else is really up. I was able to drive a car for about 3 hours in Italy during transfers so that was fun! I felt like I was back at home! I miss driving SOSOOSOOSOSOSOSO MUCH! I have realized that it is probably one of my favorite things to do (especially stick-shift cars)!!!!!!

Well, I hope ALL of you are doing well! I feel like my mission is going by faster and faster EVERY SINGLE DAY and it is kind of starting to suck because I really like  Italy;)! I am almost on the downhill and that will be a crazy point to hit!

Love you all SO very much,

Dallin Layton

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