Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Companion

Hey there all you Shahs Laytons and Everyone Else:)!

So, this week was pretty nice. A good few things happened, but as Always, I don't have much time to explain them all in detail so looks like you will need to wait until I get home to hear the full scoop;)!

So to start, yes we got transfer calls ! NEW COMPANION!  Anziano Garner is going to Sicilia a Palermo! He doesn't know how lucky he is to go to Sicilia! I hope that I make it back there one day!

Now onto the new guy. His name is Anziano Smit. I think he is from Utah? I have only met him two times. He came in the same time as my trainer so he is 4 transfers older than me. He has been in MALTA for the past 4 transfers so that is really cool:)! I hope he has some cool stories. He seemed like a cool kid when I met him. We will see in 4 days if that is true. I am not sure if he is really into sports, but we can bond on other ways. None of my comps have been really into sports like I am;)! haah Che ironia! I can't wait to get home and follow/play sports again! I am kind of going crazy not being able to do anything!

Well, this week also was Capo D'Anno and boy was that INSANE!!!! It sounded like we were in a literal War Zone because of the bombs that were exploding all around the city! We even had someone above us that kept lighting off pistol rounds every little while! It was CRAZY AWESOME! I got a really good video that I can show you when I get home! Obviously we weren't able to do any fireworks, but I saw a bunch on Roman Candles and it reminded me of Michael and my wizard duals before I headed out on my mission for his birthday! We also bought a big firework and he fell while we were running away! AHHHHHHhhhhhh.......... Good times!

Well, also this week, _____________ came to church again. We didn't have very many testimonies shared unfortunately, but I hope he felt soemthing different because he said, "It is always great when people like you guys talk about Jesus Christ." So, hopefully he felt something GREAT!!!!! We also this past week challenged him to follow the Word of Wisdom (P di S) and he told us that he had only drank 2 baby cups of coffee since that last time we had met!  This man is incredible! I really hope that this baptism happens! I feel that he would flourish as a member of the church! He has sucha  strong testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement! That faith and knowledge can only grow with what we have to offer in this church!!!

Well, That is pretty much all that I have to say for this week! I will send some pics for you guys to see:)!

I love you all ALOT!

Anziano Layton

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