Monday, December 30, 2013

We run out of hot water after 3 min and 26 seconds....I timed it;)

Hey guys:)!

So, I am going to keep this message short since we just spoke on Wednesday:)! I loved seeing you guys and that was by far the best present that I could have received that day! I love you guys tons and I am really excited for these next 5 months to fly by!

So, yes mom, we did meet with ____________ after Christmas. He is such a cool guy! We taught a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and challenged him to obey it and he said............................. YES! This man is just so willing and ready to try anything and everything to get closer to Christ!!!!! I can't believe the faith that he has!? It is absolutely incredible and I am so glad that I have been able to meet him, teach him, work with him, and make sure that he is doing well! His wife doesn't have an interest in the church but she and I are EXTREMELY good friends! She calls me her son! She also said that if I ever wanted to go over to their house for anything, to feel free:)! She is such an AWESOME woman! I still really love her! That entire family is my favorite one here in Taranto!!!!!!!!

Also, more udates on the house for all of you guys at home;)!
1) We figured out that we have mold growing on the walls yesterday;)
2) During a really intense game of horse on our mini hoop, one of our doors with a glass window broke because one of gli anziani di Statte ran into the glass and shattered it! Oops ...
3) L'altro anziano di Statte broke a lamp while visiting.
4) Two of our shutters are broken
5) The washing machine shocks us when we try to take our clothes out;)!
6) We run out of hot water after 3 minutes and 26 seconds (yes I timed it;))
7) I can find something else later and write it;)! hahahahhaha

Well, ya............ So, that is what has been up with us the past few days:)! Nothing really major yet! I have been really happy lately and grateful for all that I have! The negative attitude of those around me is NOT going to get to me! I am going to stay happy!! WOOOOOHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I love you all! Only 5 months until the next time we can Skype! Mabe I will be in a new city by then! Weird thought;)!

Anziano Layton

Yes mom the USB drive worked:)!
Pops, I need to print out that last letter you wrote! I LOVED IT!!! I love your letters! They are ALWAYS so inspiring and full of love! Thank you so much:)!!!!

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