Monday, December 23, 2013


Well Pops, this letter isn't like all the rest that we have had! Getting a letter with SO MUCH WISDOM is so great to get. I know you worked on that paragraph more than the rest to choose the appropriate words and allow me think so that I could give you a response worthwhile (sorry if I spelled that wrong). It really helped me. Thank you.

Sometimes, yes..... I do wish that the situation would change instantly. Yes, sometimes I feel like I would rather do nothing than anything at all. Yes, I do get really frustrated at people for things that happen between us, BUT I am learning a ton from EVERY little happening that I see, hear, and experience here while on the mission! I am loving EVERY second of it because of the question that you asked me at the end of your e-mail, "What good is faith, if you never have to use it." We are here to be tried, tested, given tough times, go through the mud and the muck to maybe reach a destination that is only maybe a slight step above that where we were, but at the same time, we can look at it as only a tiny step or we can look at it from the other way and say, "I am that much closer." Everything that happens in this life is for a reason whether it be good or bad! We have things bad happen to us so that we can learn. We have things good happen to us to show that there IS a God and he is rewarding us for that which we have done as his children. Faith is an action word. The only difference between faith and hope is the action! We NEED to act! With this action, we enjoy our faith that we have. If we have a problem, we must put forth our biggest effort to change it and then God will help us witht he rest. That is faith. Knowing that something is true without even seeing it! We can have faith in nearly anything. For me the biggest thing is the life after this. I have a HUGE amount of faith that there is something after this because I have prayed (action), asked(action), and searched (action) for an answer about it! That is what we must do. ACT!!! Faith though serves a huge purpose in this life for believers! We believe that something is greater than us so we suppllicate ourselves to this mighty power who has control of us all! We make sure we do his will as much as possible and try to conform our wills to coincide with his! I know that faith is something huge that we live by as people who believe in God because it gives us a purpose in this life to keep on exerting ALL that we have in exchange for a prize that is more precious than we can comprehend... ETERNAL LIFE! This is the purpose on this earth. To inheirit that great gift that God has in store for us! This is what "Faith" is for me personally!

This week was great for pretty much 1 reason! That family with the husband that I spoke about last week or two weeks ago................................................ Well, the husband has set a baptismal date and I am pretty sure that he will follow through.  This is the 3rd bap date that I have had in the mission and one of them is panned out! I am so excited! I can talk to you about it on Wednesday, but I am so excited:)!!!!!!!!! Well, for that reason, I am ABSOLUTELY STOKED for this week and the next month to pass by:)!

 Again, I can't wait for Wednesday! Woo Hoo!


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