Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Addestramento on having a good attitude...went really well

Yes, I will be able to Skype on Christmas:). I will be doing it at a members house because more likely than not, the sisters will take that church computers.
Well, this week was a lot better than the other weeks that I have been here! A lot more spiritual which is great! I love the mission and how so many things that happen today won't happen tomorrow! It is great:)!

This week was great for a few reasons: 1) we had ZC which was really fun to do with another Zone Leader. 2) We had a cool guy become an investigator along with his family (wife and son)!

Zone Conference was great! We had great time! Anziano Liccioli and I did and awesome addestramento on having a good attitude and it went really well secondo me! We used a lot of information to get this addrestramento to the point that we wanted to be at! At the end was the part most spiritual when we bore our testimonies. I felt the Spirit so strongly because I feel like this is something that I do fairly well in the mission. I really try to keep a good attitude and try to be as happy as I can even amongst all the disappointment, hard days, strife, rejection, etc... I loved this experience because I feel like we really chose the right thing to talk about:) The Sorelle did a good job too, it was just a little bit all over the place, but they are cool, so they are forgiven, Ha ha!

The investigator was one of the best parts though. We haven't seen him in over 3 weeks and just out of the blue, his wife calls us. I pick up the phone and she says, "Layton, when are you guys going o come over. ________ wants to see you and talk with you!" Of course I said, when do you want us!? She said, "SUBITO." I love this family because they are just so great. They kind of remind me of our family at home! I loved all of the things that happened this week because they just put me in a better and better mood:)! It was great:)!

I love you all. It really sucks that I am always rushed, but I want you to know that I really love you! Excited to SEE you in a few weeks!


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