Monday, December 2, 2013


This week wasn't very eventful yet again:). We had a few more member appointments though, which was great:). We ate pretty well this week and hopefully we can do the same this week:) (Mom kid loves him some food:)  )
We did however move a family which I did for the first time while being out. It was funny because all of the Italians thought that I was working too hard because I kept bringing stuff up the stairs and going to get more without taking a break! They thought I was working WAAAAYYYY too hard! It's funny because they would make one trip and then take a break. Italians are all about the "breaks":) They wouldn't want to over exert themselves! HAHAHA! (I am sorry to say that! I LOVE ITALIANS;))! See!  All of those times mom dragged me to help move people in the ward came in handy! Now I know how to properly move someone:)!!
We also went to Bari this week for a Priesthood conference and that was pretty cool. I can't remember who said it, but he said, "The prophets aren't asking us to do everything, they are just asking us to do our part! We as members of this church and as even non-members need to remember to do our part. Whether that be in the community, the faith, etc..........  Remember to do your part guys!
Well, we have another week ahead of us! I am going to try and send a few pics this time:)!



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