Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Life Is Good"

Before anything:)! MOM: can I get the recipes for your chocolate chip cookies and also for grandma's cinnamon rolls. Also the intrustions on how to make them:)! Thank you:)!
That story is incredible! I heard about it from one of the sisters here! I can't believe how great the Lord is and how marvelously he works!

Your study was great mom! That has gone right along with what I have been feeling these past few days since my birhtday! I am so happy that I am so blessed in this life and the fact that I have suc an "easy" life in comparison to other people! I have felt so blessed in these past ew days because of how much I have been blessed with. My life is AMAZING and I can't say that I need anymore than what I have! I have the opportunity to see that life is really hard for many people, but when I think about my life and EVERYONE that is around me, I am a KING! I live a wonderful life, I have marvelous friends and family, I have a knowledge of the gospel and will of God that I know to be true and I get to bring to people, and so much more! I never go hungry (well, not for too long because I am always hungry;)), I always know where I am going to sleep, and the list could continue! I LOVE MY LIFE and as our sign says in our backyard by the pool, "LIFE IS GOOD."
Well, this week wasn't too eventful because we have to find some people to teach! We are doing findsing for the most part of every day which is kind of frustrating sometimes, but I like tialking to the people when the give us the time of day! Every time soemone gives us a bit of time, it is kind of like a mini victory for me:)! So, as witht he past few weeks, I don't have much to report (SADLY).
This past week, I remembered something that made me laugh to myself when I was just about to go to bed and this will bring a smile to your face mom:). Remember that kid that I tackled in our neighbor's yard and brought home in a head lock after that dance in high school because he was trying to take our basketball hoop apart!? I just remember the terror on his face when I yelled at them and started to chase after him and his friend in my suit and dress shoes! I laughed a lot about that this week:). haha
Well, the b-day was last week and that was pretty fun:). We went to Cosenza and did a bit of a scambio there. I went with Anziano Turner because we shared a birthday an all:). We couldn't really do much during the sacmbio because it was hailing and raining outside REALLY HARD!!! There was literally nobody on the street! I kind of stuck a lot!
Well, I need to go! Hopefully next week brings something good!
Anziano Layton

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