Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Independence Day, America!!!

Hi guys!

Happy Independence Day America!!!  Actually, to tell you the truth about the whole 4th of July thing, I realized when I woke up that it was it then I totally forgot about it for the rest of the day until we got back into the house. We didn't do anything too special that day, but the entire week was great!!!

So, the branch here is kind of small, but Anziano Calvagna and I have some BIG ideas to change that! Obviously people have their  libero arbitrio, but we are going to show people that we are awesome, that the church is awesome and that GOD IS AWESOME so that they will want to know more!  There are around 20-30 members that come every week. There aren't many youth and there are only 2 kids in the primary. We have a garage type thing as a church and it is quite then all of the others that I have been in;).

My comp is really cool. As you read above his name is Anziano Calvagna and he is HILARIOUS! We get along really well, we think like each other, and we want to change Agrigento around! I am so happy to have this kid as my comp because I am going to learn a TON from him and I just hope that it is vice versa! We can speak in both Italian or English, so we speak to each other in whatever language the other one wants to respond in. I find myself thinking a lot in Italian and whenever I hear other people speak in English it is the weirdest thing in the world to me! We teach together really well and we work really well one off the other! I am SUPER EXCITED for the transfer because I feel like quite a few things are going to unfold here in Agrigento! We want to change this place really badly and we really feel like we have the tools to do that! We had 18 lessons in total this week and BOY was that fun to do! I love the gospel!

I am so glad that we have the knowledge that we do and that we trust so much in God. The work would be impossible without it. We met with quite a few people that did not want to listen to us this week and our moral was taken for a bit of a loop because we would meet with them one day, and it seemed like it was a really good meeting, but then the next time we would meet, they would become argumentative. I have a story for you guys about something that happened this week when I come home. I don't have the time now to recount it now. It would take more time than I have and it wouldn't do it justice;).

We have some cool people that we are teaching that we met this week. I had a huge testimony building experience during one of my meetings. I, again, will have to tell you week or when I come home because it was that AMAZING!!!!!!!! I want to tell you in person.

I am so happy that all of you are doing well and that you guys are safe and happy! I love you guys so much and I will keep you updated on the progress of people we have met! Keep on being AWESOME and I look forward to will hear from you guys next week!

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