Monday, June 30, 2014

...have fun translating that:)

Ciao a Tutti!

Allora questa settimana scorsa ero stato trasferito ad Agrigento e la sola cosa che posso dire è WOW! E' proprio diverso di tutte le città dove sono stato io. E' propria bella come una città e io sono sicuro che la amerò come tutte le mie città! Noi riusciamo a camminare per tutta la città in un mezz'ora e poi dobbiamo ritornare in dietro! Io sono contentissimo di stare qui però! Veramente è un posto scelto da Dio per mettere la chiesa! Io sono grato per quest'opportunità di servire qua e provare di cambiare la città un po in questi mesi che rimangono in missione!
(Thank goodness for translators...This says.....
Hello everyone! This last week I have been transferred to Agrigento and the only thing I can say is WOW! It 's different from all the cities where I've been. It's a nice city and I am sure that I will love how all of my cities! We are able to walk through the city in a half hour and then we go back to back! I am delighted to be here though!  I am grateful for this opportunity to serve here and try to change the city a bit in recent months that remain on a mission!)

Well, have fun translating that mom:). I will be thinking in Italian a lot for the rest of my life! hahahahah

Well, this week, as you guys know I have been transfered to another city and it is a small one. I think it is my smallest city so far. It has around 6,000 people and all the others had more than 200,000! We have some pretty good ideas to change the work around a bit! I feel like I am going to need to break out the good ole finding techniques that I learned while I was in Reggio;). hahah I am really excited to be here though because I ALWAYS wanted to be in Sicilia, but I really do miss Napoli. I miss the people there along with _____ and ____________ and even Anziano McGuire! That kid and I really got along well and I know that he and I are going to be friends outside of the mission! He is a great kid and deserves great things in life!

I like my comp a lot! He is Italian and he is a really cool guy! He is from Bergamo and he speaks English perfectly! He is a really good kid and he is really new guy. I came to the ugly conclusion today that he and maybe one other missionary could be my last companions and then I will be done with the mission! If I stay 2 transfers with both of them obviously though! I am coming to the brutta conclusione that my missione is coming to an end and I don't like the idea a lot! I love this work, but then when I go back, I need to start REAL life and from what I have seen here, REAL life is REALLY darn hard! I feel like I have learned so much since being here that I don't need to worry like a ton of people do though! This mission has changed me a bunch and I am so glad that I have chosen to be here! Anziano McGuire really brought up a good point to me before I left Napoli that he learned from someone before. He said: "Do you think God needs missionaries?" While I was thinking about that, the realization hit me...................... "No" I responded. It is so true! This mission is SO for us as missionaries. Obviously we help others, but God if he didn't want us to change, he wouldn't call us to go on missions! It is a really SWEET thought! God knows that missions chnage people and that while we are on the mission we will only become better and when we do that, we are going to better in life, in our families, in our work place, etc....My life will be blessed forever because of the person I have become while being here.

Well, I am so glad that I have had this P-Day to get to know the city a bit more! It has been really fun! I will send you some pictures. We are going to go to the temples (The Valley of the Temples) next week I think? We will get some good pictures and stuff then:). I love you guys a lot!

Anziano Layton

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