Monday, June 23, 2014

Going to Sicilia!!!


So I know that my sweet mom already made sure to tell the whole FB world that I am headed down to her favorite spot in Italy... the good ole island of SICILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to be going down there because it is the one place that I wanted to go in my mission and I finally get to go there before I finish up here in Italy! I am so excited for this! I get an Italian companion while I am down there so that is going to be really fun. He is from Bergamo I think? I don't know much about him. Only that he is really young in the mission and I will be follow up training him. I am supper excited because I think I will be "dying" in this city (at least mission wise). I will probably be there for a good 4 transfers and then I am home! WEIRD stuff!

I am happy to go down to the big island, but I am a bit sad to leave the people here! I love Napoli because it is ALMOST too easy to talk with people about the Gospel, get contact numbers, and meet with people. Unfortunately, most of those people do not end up in the waters of baptism, but I feel like I, along with Anziano McGuire and the Lord, did do a great work here in Napoli I feel! I helped baptize a GREAT family that will be active for the rest of their lives! I feel so lucky to have been a part of that. I will love them forever!  They are a part of my Italian family (and it takes quite a bit to do that)! I am happy and lucky that they love me so much and I am glad that they love my family too even though they haven't met any of them;)! hahaha

We had a pretty good week. This entire month is the invite month for less-actives and we had a pretty darn good turn out of those people! Infact, EVERY SINGLE ONE CAME TO CHURCH THAT WE WENT TO GO  SEE THIS LAST WEEK! Cool huh!? These people are so special and we know that with a little push, we can get them to come back! We went and saw this one family (the mom is the only member) twice last week (they live REALLY far away) and they came to church! It was SO good! I loved seeing how large the congregation was! It was a beautiful thing to see! I bore my testimony and I could see a bunch of eyes on me that semed really different to me I could see it in each one of their eyes! I LOVED IT! After the sacament meeting, people kept coming up to me and Anziano Tanner and wanted to take pictures with us! I am going to miss Napoli quite a bit, but I know that I am going to love this new place too:).

Well, that is about all the info that I have for this week! I will try and put some more in next week! I love you all so much! I am the luckiest kid in the whole world. I hope everything is going well! 



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