Monday, June 16, 2014

"I'll be home for Christmas!"

Ciao a Tutti:)!

So, as my Mom probably already posted about the good news, but "I'll be Home for Christmas" has been going through my head for the last little bit now because it is true! I am going to be home Dicembre 9th! I it is going to be a good ole reunion of missionaries in our family. My mom told me the 2 of my cousins get home just a bit before me and then I am home. It is going to be pretty good! I miss you guys! You are great!

So, this week was pretty normal. Nothing really too major to talk about but I wanted to say thank you to my loving mom for the package that she sent me. I got it this week at Zone Conference and it made me the happiest person EVER! Thank you mom! You really are the best:)

Speaking of Zone Conference it was pretty good from what I got from it. I needed to translate for an Italian Anziano because he doesn't understand English perfectly. There was a lot of talk about  family history and how we can incorporate that into our work! It was pretty good. We talked about using our families in finding people also (which i ALREADY do;)! haha) I love using my family when I talk to people because 1) I love talking about mine. 2) People usually love talking about theirs! It is pretty good! 3) It becomes really easy to talk about the family and how important they are in the gospel:).

Another thing really cool that happened this week was that I gained a huge testimony about the promise that God gives us when we read the scriptures that the Spirit will give us the words necessary when we need them! It was really cool! How it happened.  We were doing a little bit of an English course publicly and then I started talking with this man about the life of a Christian. He started with, "We do not need to work because we are saved by the grace of God." I then told him that I was in agreement with him about the grace part but we need to do our part. He starts to shake his finger at me and says, "We are nothing to God so we can't even fathom being able to save ourselves" I absolutely agreed with him that we were are not able to save ourselves, but then I posed a question to him "Do you have faith?" "Of course!" he responded. I then said, "What does it say in the Bible about faith then. Faith without works......." "............Is dead" he finished. As I looked up at him, (because I was drawing a little something on the ground...I never have to look UP at people here:), he had a look as if I had given him something to think about ...and maybe just changed his way of thinking a little bit. He then patted me on the back and said, "Have a great evening Anziano." Now, I hope he didn't think I was being smart with him. I definitely was not looking to turn him off to us. The really cool thing is that I just noticed that I wasn't really thinking about what I was saying. I was just saying it! Many people say that responses come from all the studying that we do, but I know that it isn't that! I know that it was the Spirit working through me! 

What a great gift we have! We need to live worthily to have it, but this is the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the 3rd member of the Trinità! How blessed we are to have him as a constant companion if we just live in a correct way! How great is that! It is promised to us initially when we are baptized and EVERY time we take the Sacrament worthily! SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

Well, that was the coolest part about the week! We have transfer calls this week! We'll see what happens? I love you guys! Tell Grandma that I got a bunch of her letters at Zone Conference. When she sends letters up there, they stay there until my Zone has Zone Conference (so once every six weeks).

Anziano Layton

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