Monday, June 9, 2014

We are all descepoli of Christ

Hey guys!

So, I have to start by saying thank you mom for the letter. I liked it a lot and I will respond quickly to your questions. During P-Days, it depends on what we do. If I had it my way we would always go out in normal clothes, but it needs to be an activity worth changing the clothes in order to change them. _____ is doing well. She has been having some pretty bad headaches lately (reminds me of someone, mom;)) so we might do something for her in a little bit. We haven't seen her in over a week so we will try and get something with her soon. The summer here is killing me jsut like last year. The shirt and tie is the worst part;)! haha I am still loving the mission life. I am going to be happy to be home with you guys pretty soon though!

So this week was another really slow, but I have noticed that when you look at the small things and love them the bigger things become that much more special! For example, I haven't seen you guys in over 1 1/2 years and every time that I look at our pictures that we took before I left, I become REALLY happy! This week was just one of those weeks that I have needed to reflect a little bit on what I want to accomplish for the last little bit that I have here because we are kind of out of work for right now, but then it makes it turn back to loving the little things. 

For example this week, we were doing finding after having a really long morning and afternoon and then we were getting quite a bit of rejection and MANY people telling us that we are wrong for what we believe, but then we came accross this family that is from Russia or the Ukrain and they took the lessons up in Milano! That was the biggest blessing that we could have gotten that day and practically the entire week seeing as that we don't have too much work at the moment. We feel really good about this family and we hope that we can get them progressing here in a little bit! 

We also have another guys named ______ who has a baptismal date and he is extremely excited about it. He is an African from Nigeria and he has a lot of faith in Jesus and likes us as missionaries. He is different than the other Africans that I have met here in Italy. He is a really good guy an understands a TON about the church and how it should be going! His date is for the 07 of Luglio. I am really excited about him. 

This week, we had Stake Conference, but it was broadcasted by sattelite from Bern Switzerland. Anziano Neil L. Anderson and Deiter F. Uchtdorf of the 12 both spoke and they had some AMAZING things to say! They were both very optimistic about Europe at this time and they love the work that we are doing! They really challenged the members and missionaries to work together. Anziano Uchtdorf stated the we are all descepoli of Christ and we ALL need to o this work! It can't be one side missionaries an the other side members. We have to work together and that is when we are going to have the most success! I believe that is very true also! We have seen MANY miracles from that! Keep up the good work guys! The Lord needs all of us to work together to do his work! 

I love you guys! You are literally the best family in the world and I miss you guys A LOT! I hoep everything is good and that you guys are keeping well!


Dallin Layton

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