Monday, June 2, 2014

Visit to Capri


So I am really sorry, but this e-mail is not going to be the BEST e-mail that you guys will read, but I did want to talk a little bit about my training that I did for DDM (when all of the missionaries get together and listen to an addestramento) this week. First, I have to respond to my mother's questions though first;).

There is no news on the release date ancora, but I should know about it fairly soon. About the whole schooling thing. I would rather go up with Michael than stay in Vegas to tell you the truth. I don't want to stay at BYU-I indefinitely though. You know what my IDEALS are though, mom.  I am going to take some time in the next little while to plan a bit of my life after the mission because Presidente Tew e-mailed me and wants me to do exactly that. I am going to take a little bit of time to do  that because if this new date gets moved to before Christmas than I am not going to have too much time to do much planning.

______ was Catholic before, but she DID NOT in anyway think like a Catholic! It was actually pretty cool to see how much she thought like us already! She is such a cool woman! Did you send her the brownie recipe? She loves you mom! She talks about you all the time and always tells me that you are so beautiful and that I need to be grateful to Heavenly Father for you! She is great!

Well about that addestramento because I don't have much time. It was about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 5 easy steps: 1 Faith in Gesù 2 Respentence 3 Battesimo 4 Holy Ghost 5 Persevere to the end. These are 5 easy steps to remember but are really hard to put into practice ALL the time! We need to put it into practice that way we can become more like Christ and then  really fulfill the commandment that he has given us about being perfect like he and his Father are! Cool thought huh:)?

Well, that is about the entire week.

Although today we went to Capri and boy was that BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It is an island off the coast of Napoli and I am going to be sending quite a few pics! It was beautiful!!!!

Well, until next week!

Anziano Layton

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