Monday, May 26, 2014

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Ciao a TUTTI!
Ok mom, I am so glad that you know me so well! I love that you know my character so well as your son! I wasn't going to talk with anyone abut that dog bite but you knew that already and so you made it a priority to report it;)! I thought that was hilarious! I got a call from the Mission Nurse and she was like, "We got an e-mail from your mom that told us that you got bitten by a dog. Is that true, Anziano Layton?" My first reaction was to laugh (seriously, I started laughing!) because I knew for a fact as soon as I heard that Anziano McGuire's mom sent you that picture that you would do something like that. It's just who you are...I'll always be your baby;)! haha I love you mom! You are the BEST MOM EVER! Thank you so much. You make me so happy, even from half way around the world, you make me feel loved;). Thank you for caring so much:). The finger is doing well. It is practically healed all the way. You don't need to worry about me. The dog was vaccinated anyway so that is a good sign.
So, this week was really weird and awesome at the same time. The weird part was that it took awhile to get some things going, but the AWESOME part was that we received 5 new investigators and most of them seem promising! I really hope we can get them going! They are really great people and they think about life in the ways that we do and we are really excited to be working with them. We are also starting to work with ______'s mom! She is a really cool lady! ...............................
WAIT! Speaking of ______! She has now been called as a Ward Missionary! Not like she didn't do that already! She is the biggest missionary out of ANYONE in the branch! She is SO AWESOME and she LOVES the church, the teachings, Jesus Christ, and ME;)! hahahahahahaah Ok, Back to _______'s mom...............................
We started teaching her (_____________) by telling her about baptisms for the dead and how we are able to do them. She had never heard anything like that concept before and was intrigued. I feel like _____________ will accept the gospel! I really hope so because we have two members of the family and we want MORE!!!!!!
Speaking of that family, _______________ was confirmed this Sunday and he is SO excited to be a member of the church and he was talking about serving a mission! COOL HUH? I would love it if he made that decision! He is a great kid and really wants to do well in everything that he does! I love that kid! I hope _______ is putting up some pics on FB and stuff! I love the mission! It is making me a different person and I am loving and grateful for the changes within myself!
So this week I had another really cool thought that hit me hard: Have miracles ceased? To that I say no! When we think of miracles, we think of making the dead walk, having the blind see, and making the deaf hear. These are the miracles that we teach about in church but then when we go out into the world all we see is that MANY times the blind stay blind, deaaf stay deaf, and dead stay dead, but guess that we also learn from the scriptures? God is the same yesterday, today, and forever so if Jesus Chrsit did miracles during his time, assuredly there are miracles that happen in these days! You want to know something else cool that we find in the scriptures? Through the small and simple things, GREAT things are brought to pass and many times the small and simple things confound the wise! How miraculous!?! How many times do catch ourselves looking for those miralces that are GINORMOUS but instead all we need to do is look for those that are tiny so that we can know that there is a God who is never changing and love us THAT much so he gives us MANY opportunities thoughout the day to see miracles that we take for nothing and then we doubt sometimes his existence! God exists! He is ALWAYS helping us! He carries us whe we aren't strong enough to walk and gives us his hand when we think that we can walk by ourselves! LOVE THE LORD! "God is Great all the time and all the time God is Great!"  Shout out to my Brotha Taylor! Love you big man! Changed my life with that saying;)!

Well, I hope that this has been abbastanza edificante per voi (uplifting for you!) ! I love you guys! Keep up the smiles! Make someone's day today!'s what we are here to do! 

Dallin Layton

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