Monday, May 19, 2014

MOSSA SECRETA....the "secret move"

Wazzup Peeps;)?

So, I am really excited to tell you guys about this week because a lot happened.
Before I start though: Mom, I am really sorry, but no pics for this week either because my SD card got messed up. Anziano Bennett was leaving and wanted some of my pics before he left, but the card somehow got corrupted during the transfer. Sorry. I will buy another one this week and see what I can do. This will be the 4th one that I have had to get here in Italy gosh darndit;). haha

So this week was pretty good. My trainer is now in Nap-Town and it was really good to see him again! He was really happy to see me and the feeling was definitely mutual for me! He is a really good missionary and he taught me a lot while we were together.

Also yesterday, my finger got nibbled on a bit by a members dog;). We were eating at their house and the dog was looking up at me with those sweet puppy-dog eyes....Ya THOSE ones;) and rolled over so that I could pet its belly. So obviously being someone who loves dogs I went to pet it and then it pulled the MOSSA SEGRETA (mom's translator says this means...the "secret move"..hahahahaha!)! It jumped at my finger and got it pretty good! The entire thing too! I was surprised! That wasn't the funnest experience...he got me good, but I am ALL good;)! Sorella ________ was freaking out because she saw the blood and all I was doing for the next 10 minutes was telling her that I was fine and that she didn't need to worry about anything;)! It was better me than someone else! (Mom note, thank GOODNESS he got a tetanus shot before he left. I was freaking out a little bit until Angie reminded me that the boys got one before they left!)

We also  had ANOTHER BAPTISM yesterday and it went really well! Really beautiful.  There were quite a few non-members along with members there that came! It was GREAT to see how many people came! I loved seeing the support that they gave ______________. He was so happy to be baptized! He actually messaged us this morning and said that is was REALLY happy to be baptized! Even his mom, ______ called us this morning and said that he wasn't able to sleep last night because he was THAT happy and just kept thinking about it:). It was a pretty AWESOME experience! He had Anziano McGuire give the talk on the Holy Ghost and he absolutely killed it! I liked it a lot! Anziano McG is a really spiritual guy. The branch President gave the talk on baptism and used a quote from ____________ himself that said, "I am preparing to make the biggest step of my life." How true is that though!? I don't think we understand how big baptism is sometimes. We need to remember that day often so that we can remind ourselves about the commitments we have made to be more Christ-like.

So, I had a really cool thought this week that I would love to share with you guys! Who are you when you walk out of the house every single morning? This question has answers that vary  and they are  supposed to vary! Think abut how many titles we have to different people! Think about the name we took upon ourselves at baptism. Think about your family, friends, neighbors, etc.. that are always looking at you for help, comfort guidance, love, etc..... Reach out to them and show them that you love them. That is what this mission is showing me a lot is that you can love people no matter what, even though they are different than you are! I love that people are individual...and I am learning to love them individually.

I really am loving the mission. I have grown so much in so many ways and I will forever be grateful for the time I have spent here.

Well, as always, I hope that things are going well back home! I miss you guys a bunch! You are amazing and I would never want another family!...because my family ROCKS.

I love you guys!

Anziano Dallin Layton

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