Monday, May 5, 2014

...making them love us:)

Hey there Everyone,

Before starting the letter, I need to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM AND POPS!!!!! WOOHOO! I am so glad that they are my parents and that they make me so happy! Thank you guys! Here's to another year! Have a great birthday week you two!

So, this wek was pretty good. Not in the fact that we had a baptism good, just a good week. I am really trying to see the positives in life instead of the negatives because in that way, I can really achieve what I feel to be success in the mission. It is really crazy how different all of our definitions are of success and how they can change so frequently depending on the situation and where we are in life at what time. We had a really good addestramento this week that said "we are happy when we are successful" but then they switched it and put "we are successful when we are happy." I really want to try and start putting this into practice in my life! This philosophy works with ANYTHING! We are always going to have success when we are happy regardless of what the time is, what the situation, who we are with, e così via! I really like that training because it really showed me that I need to change just a little bit the way that I think and talk sometimes. I loved the fact that we can use this whenever we want. At work, home, with people we don't necessarily get along with, job situations that are hectic, etc.... I love this thought and I really urge you guys to do the same in your life if you aren't doing it already!

______ was confirmed yesterday and she LOVED it! She was crying in her seat because it was, "Just so beautiful." She is such a great lady and we feel that her son may be getting baptized in about 2 weeks too! That is a load of good news for that family! I am very excited for them and the steps that they are making to follow our Savior! It is pretty wonderful to see the changes that people make! 

That Plan of Salvation thing was an idea that I brought up to the group on Anziani that are here just to try it. We did it in the heart of the city so that a Ton of people could see us! It was a really good experience. We got quite a few numbers and people came around to watch what we were drawing too so that was really good:).

I am really liking the mission! It is keeping me active and we always have stuff to do! It is really good. We have gotten over 50 contacts this transfer just from our efforts and it has been fun pushing ourselves to get them! I love talking with people and, of course, making them love us:)!

Ok guys, I have been thinking a lot about you! Especially the BIG MAN, JC! I miss you guys a lot! I hope that everything is good! I can't wait to see you guys in less than I week. I will call you the day or two days before to let you know when we are going to do it because we still need to talk about it with the other guys about what they want to do. I can't wait to experience that newly found sense of humor that JC has discovered! I think about that day (not too far off!) when I get to see all of your shining BEAUTIFUL faces in the airport! You are literally the best!, LITERALLY:)

I love you all.

Dallin "Anziano" Layton

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