Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I could just feel all of the love from the members.

Hey Guys,

Before I get to the best part of the letter, I want to share a funny story that happened this week with you guys! I love this!!!  
So, we were on our way out of the subway stop that we use to get home and I start talking with this 18-20 year old kid about his life and what he was doing, where he was going, just normal banter to start conversation:)  We start talking about him and then he tells us what he was doing in the area. He needed to make peace with his girlfriend because they had been fighting for awhile and he wanted her back. So, I ask him if we could help. He stops and says, "Well, if you guys really want, we could do something together?" I told him that I was game and I would help him along with McGuire too!! So, we walked with him for awhile until we got to where his girlfriend was suppose to be and she wasn't there. So, I had the idea... "Let's call her with our phone (because she wasn't answering his calls.)" He was happy about the idea so we tried it. I called her and she picked up!  I told her that I was with a really good friend of her's and he really wanted to say something to her. We pass the phone to the boyfriend and he goes off on his apologetic speel that he probably had memorized or something and then he hands it back to me. Before he handed it back to me though he told her that he had found some American friends that wanted to say good bye. I then took the phone and she was laughing so hard. She asks me, "Are you really American?"  I said, "Ya. Can't you hear the accent!?" She laughs again and then I went on to help my good desperate new friend by telling her about how I had had a girlfriend for a long time and I knew where he was coming from and how he felt. She laughed again and said it was a pleasure to meet me and thanked me for calling. This was Saturday. This morning we receive a message from our good friend ____________ that said, "Have have made peace with my girl. It is all thanks to you;)!" We were laughing so hard!!! We've continued to be in touch with him and.  He told us that he would repay us with dinner;)! THE BEST KIND OF PAYMENT!!!!!...plus, every little contact, ya know??
                                                Dallin found a friend in the church building:)
                                                                  Mount Vesuvio

This week was pretty good! We had a really good baptism of a REALLY awesome woman named ____  ____________! She is probably the most prepared person I have ever taught and probably will ever teach! She was so ready and willing to hear the gospel after the first night that we met! She is a great woman and she "feels" the truth really easily! She told us last week that after the first meeting that we had with her that she could tell that this was the truth but she didn't want to tell us because she thought that we would think she was crazy! I probably WOULD have been a little bit skeptical, but I know that ______ knows that this is the truth! She was so prepared every time we would go over to her house! 

The baptism was great! She was so happy the entire time and she was crying for a good amount of it (they were tears of joy don't worry;))! We had some really good talks about the obvious Holy Ghost and Baptism by our branch president and one of _____'a really good friends in the church! They brought the Spirit really well and didn't really try and be too funny which is good:). I felt the Spirit really strong and I was so happy to see ______ so excited also. After the talks, it was dunking time;). haha Unfortunately, we needed to do the ordinance twice because the end of her dress come out of the water, but she reassured me that the second time felt better than the first! I sure sondifer that as a testimony builder to me of the baptism by immersion! It was so great!
                                                                  The kid is a giant
                                                        Those wild and crazy missionaries:)
We then came back and all of the members that could be there were smiling at her and I cold just feel all of the love that she was receiving from being there! This baptism was a huge addition to this branch because _______ does missionary work wherever she goes. She always has someone that she wants us to meet and get to know! 

Well, I have to go guys! I love you all! I hope you liked the stories! I can't wait to see you in two weeks!
Anziano Layton

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