Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A simple desire

Happy Easter everyone! This Easter was really meaningful for me; probably, for me, the most meaningful ever. I hope it was good for you also! When I think about the absolutely incredible the sacrifice that our Savior made for us, I am humbled and so so thankful! I am so grateful happy that we have an Older Brother that made the sacrifices that he did! I am so grateful for the knowledge that death no longer has power over us! I have so much gratitude for my Redeemer, Lord, and Best Friend!

So this week was pretty good! I am excited for the coming weeks here in good ole Napoli! I am super excited for the baptism that we have of ______ this Sunday! She is so fantastic. With her baptism, Napoli will move from a  branch to a  ward! She is FANTASTIC and SO strong in everything she does! She wants this baptism SO badly even when there are a lot of influences around her trying to discourage her. Her family is calling her crazy. She just stands tall and without hesitation tells them that she knows for her herself, this is the right action and asks them to be respectful of that decision. All the distraction isn't influencing her at all.  She is amazing. She calls me her "American son" which in turn makes her my "mamma Napolitana!" She is wonderful and loves to laugh and makes life fun:)! 

This week also we went to the island of Ischia to try and find a referral but unfortunately we were not able to find her! It was a great little trip though. The island was so clean and tranquil! There wasn't a lot of noise or anything for that matter! We took some awesome pictures and I will send them to you guys! 

This week was just really happy and loving! It's interesting that the longer I am here, my view of people is changing. I am looking at people with a lot of love and a simple desire to teach them about what I know to be true! I want to invite these good people to know that Gosple of Gesù! I am so happy that I get to serve Dio in this capacity for this time because I feel like I am making a difference but in reality God is blessing me in ways that I would never even be able to find in other ways! He is blessing me to know the right way to walk and the goals that we have to look forward to.

I am loving the mission! I know I say this a lot because it is SO true! I am learning so much here about myself! I am so excited to be serving the people in Italy in every way possible if they let me! I am so excited for all of the bonds that I am making along with the friendships with people that will hopefully last forever!

 Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Before I know it I am going to be home and with you guys! I love you so much!

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