Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why are you so white?????

Hey There Everyone,

Yes mom, I do know ________. She is __________'s sister and it was actually through her that we know ___________. It is fantastic that you gave her my address! I hope she emails me! She is great!! Yes, she is a member:)
So, this week was pretty darn eventful and I want to mention a few things!
1) We are expecting around 3 baptisms this transfer! COOL HUH!? We are so excited!  Two are golden. The other one we need to work with a bit! I am so happy! Anziano McGuire and I are doing some great work here and we are really loving it:)! I am learning a ton from this kid. He is a great guy and a great missionary! These 2 people, are probably the most prepared people I have had in the mission as investigators!  One is named ______________ and her son ______________! They came with us to a baptism here. The baptism hit her really hard and from that point all she could talk about was her own! She wants me to perform the baptism and also her son! We have been working with them for about a month now and from day one, she said that she felt a special kind of love from me and that she can see that I was really a "dooer of good works":)!!! (Nothing makes me happier! I want the people here to feel my love for them.)  Her son also wants to get baptized and he wants me to perform the ordinance also! So all you member/missionaries out there! Be who you are! Become your message and you are going to touch the lives of those around you! 
2) The mission is awesome when you have someone to work together with you! The mission is great when you have someone that you can be friends with and someone who wants to be here and use each other's strengths to help each other out! Throughout my entire mission it has either been one way or the other and I have seen that with Anziano McGuire, a lot more work gets done when you have a smile on your face, enjoy where you are, work together, and laugh! Laughing is key! I love this kid! He is a fantastic missionary and always wants to work really hard whether it is with work-outs in the morning or teaching a lesson at night! He is great!
3) Lastly, I love my family! I cannot tell you how many times I have shown the picture of my family to people here and they have said, "Wow! Your parents are young!", "Your mom is pretty!", or "Is that really your dad? Why are you so white then;)!?" Hahahahahaha!!! That is a funny one to get;). I try to get creative when answering that one! I love you guys so much! The importance of family is what we emphasize. The prophets and leaders of the church have told us, we are going to be a stronghold religion for people who are looking to strengthen their families, because of the standards that we hold! I'm so grateful for that knowledge and my family!
Ok, guys, we are running late! I am sorry that I use this every single week it seems, but we have an important lesson with ________ tonight that we can't miss!

I love you all so much!
Anziano Layton

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