Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It is only through His grace...


Da dove devo comiciare!?
This week was great! A ton of things happened and I am really starting to enjoy working here in Napoli! I am getting to work the way that I want to work WITH HELP from my comp! Things are so much better now!

So, to start I have a new comp and he is an absolute STUD! I feel like I am going to have the best transfer(s) with him! He is such a cool guy. Like I said, his name is Anziano McGuire and he is from Cedar City UT. He loves sports. He played calcio for awhile and also ran cross country. He told me that when he runs, "the longer the better!" and that has been really good for me. He is a really cool kid and we have really fantastic companionship studies! He has an amazing testimony and he talks with EVERYONE when we are on the Metro (subway for you Americans;) ). He loves missionary work and I am learning a ton from him. He is going into his 6th transfer and we have has really high hopes this companionship.(Napoli hasn't had a convert baptism in a year I think)! We did some contacting the other day and oh boy was that good to do! If there is one thing that I have learned to do on the mish it would have to be talking with random people! It is great! The other day Anziano McGuire and I got 8 phone numbers from talking with people! He genuinely wants to meet people and that helps me talk with people. He is just all-around a great missionary! I am super excited to serve with him!

Conference! How great was that!? I loved all of the talks! I especially loved the talks by Bednar, Monson (at the end of Sunday Morning session), Stevensen (about life), and Uchtdorf's (attitude of grattitude)! I could spend a LONG time talking about these but I will just say my favorite parts of them and then put a bit of info after it.
Bednar- When he talked about the yoke and explained to us what it was. There are two spots for the animals. Jesus Christ is in one slot and he wants us to get into the other an "help" him tug on this load that is going to be really light when you have Jesus Christ with you! Think about that image! SO GREAT!
Monson- Only this quote: Never wish that you had a 2nd chance to be kind. Imagine for a second how many opportunities we miss as human beings to be kind to others! Through Christ-like love, we can change the world! We have the power to influence so many people! We can also use that concept and try to be like our own personal heroes like Eyring asked us to do! Be someone's hero!
Stevensen- The best part was that he used sports as an analogy. For me, it is much more interesting to have a prinicple explained to me in a sports way that in any other because I realize how hard it is to be an athlete. I've been there! I know how important it is to do your best when the time comes for it! Quitting is not an option EVER!!!!
Uchtdorf- But how many things do we really have to be grateful for in every moment of every day. We are debtors to God, as it was said by King Benjamin EVERY SINGLE SECOND because God gives us the gift of breath! You know what is awesome?  God only asks us to obey the commandments because that is the only way that we can really show our love for him and the only way for us to have true happieness!!! He doesn't ask anything more from us than that! Obviously, the eventual goal is for us to perfect like him and it has been commanded of us to do it, but God understand that we will never be that good in this life! He knows that we will ALWAYS makes mistakes and there is literally NO exception other than our Savior. It is ONLY through His grace are we able to be forgiven for the mistakes we make in this life.
Guys, I love you all so much! I challenge you this week to read or watch at least one conference talk every single day so that those teachings can stay fresh in your mind! Also, if your guys don't have a Preach My Gospel, do as M. Russell Ballard said and get a copy. Study on how to be a good missionary and then put those things into practice:)! I love all of you guys SO MUCH!


Mom, I don't know what to tell you. I haven't gotten any letters from Grandma in awhile so I don't trust Napoli mail but we also won't be having Zone Conference for another transfer, but to be safe, I would so to send that package to Rome. Thank you SO MUCH!!! Also, can you maybe throw in a  few Resses for Anziano McGuire? It is his favorite candy:).

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