Monday, March 31, 2014

Planting Seeds

Hey Guys,

Hi  mom,  how are things there? Things are just plugging along. I just found out that I will get another comp this next transfer named Anziano McGuire and I think we will gel well together. The only thing I know about him is that he is REALLY short (Between the both of us, that should be a talking point with people!). At least that is what President said when we were on the phone together. He has been out 6 months and he is from Utah I think? President Waddoups said he feels like we will be a good fit together.
So, quickly, this week was awesome for two reasons. # 1) For what I explained above and #2) Because MIRACLES HAPPEN!!! I have decided here in the mission to think of every "coincidence" as a miracle with God's hand directly involved, and it has been a big life-changer thing for me to do (is that a word?...I'm not sure any more HA!)!

So, Tuesday of last week, we finished our pizza after DDM and went ot the house of the other Anziani. We got on a bus full of people an Anzinao Bennett an I started talking to a guy about his hair an how it was awesome!!! (We have to start a conversation in anyway possible to bring up the gospel in the end). We started talking with him about his family and then some other girls joined in the convo with us so I started talking with them while Bennett talked with this guy with the awesome hair. I started with the normal stuff like where are you from?, where are you going?, are you in school?, what do you study?, etc.... In the end I told them all about me about how I am from Vegas (everyone here loves that fact!) about the family, etc... In the end we needed to get off the bus and the girls needed to get onto another one. Before they left, they asked me what I am doing here and, paused, and said what came into my mind, which was, "Well, we are representatives of Jesus Christ here in Napoli....:" I didn't get to finish my sentence before one of the girls started crying. As with every situation that I have been in like this, I had know idea what to do or say, so I just asked, "Are you ok?" It took her a second to get herself together and she said, "My friend here told us this morning that she doesn't believe in God anymore, and if he did exist, he would need to show her through some type of sign that he was there!" I stood there in shock, looked at the girl that the other had pointed to, and smiled. She smiled back and I asked, "Do you think this is your sign?... because I know it is!" The girl answers me with, "I feel like this could be. Yes, it could be." The buses were leaving, so I left her with a pamphlet and our contact and then we unfortunately parted ways. She told us that she would call us, but we are still waiting for that call!...and again, I am getting really good at the "planting seeds" part of the mission:)

Like I said guys, miracles happen! They are all around us, we just need to be the ones to recognize it! Through the small and simple things, great things are brought to pass!  I'm so grateful for you, the Gospel and my life!

I love you guys!


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