Tuesday, August 12, 2014

District Leader in Sicily

Ok, I need to say something! I loved those pictures! I nearly freaked out when I saw JC! He is so big!  I miss you guys a  TON and I cannot wait to see you guys in that airport! ALL of you mean the world to me and I have something in this life that many people do not. I know how blessed I am to be a part of this family!!!!!!

So, this week was a bit strange but really good! A lot happened!

Ok we will start with Wednesday. We (Calvagna and I) needed to travel to Caltanissetta so that I wouldn't be alone with not one and also Anziano Tanner's comp left too so we needed to do one big Scambio. It was pretty fun. So I got off the bus and another Anziano got on. So then began the nearly week long scambio! It was really fun but I like to have my companion and not soemone else's! hahah Later that night I get a call from my new comp who was supposed to arrive on Friday and he tells me that he needs to stay in Rome for a bit longer to pick up his permesso so that he can stay in Italia legally. Ok. That is fine, but due to some difficulties with travel, he only arrived this morning (Monday) here in Agrigento and it is good to be back home in Agrigento with MY own comp! Also Anziano McGuire, my old comp from Naples, is now in Caltanissetta with Anziano Tanner and they are going to tear things UP!!!!!! I am now District Leader again so I will see him quite a bit! I love that kid and I really hope that they have a good time there in that city!

The new comp is named Anziano Bethke. He loves baseball and could have played basketball in high school, but decided to play lacrosse instead. So, he is pretty athletic, I don't know too much about him, I just hope that this transfer can be like the last one because that was great! I loved that time together with Calvagna! I really am excited for this transfer because we should have some great work going on! I am SUPER excited for it! I want this to be one of the most successful transfers of the mission because it could very well be one of those! I am stoked for these people and I hope to help these people change their lives!

A REALLY awesome story.... We have a new investigator named _________ (from Nigeria also. There are many Africans in Agrigento. This is where all of them land and get into Italy from) and he is really cool. So, we were talking with him one night this week and he told us that he wanted to bring a "couple" (<---------------- NOTICE the quotation markes!) friends to church! Obviously we want more people in the church so we said, "OF COURSE you can!" The next day on Sunday, __________ walks through the door to the chapel and I get up to give him a hug! We hug and sit down. The another friend comes in followed by another, and then another, and then another............................. e così via!!!!!!!!!!!! __________ brought his entire house with him!!! There were 12 other Africans in church just from ___________'s efforts! We taught them a lesson in Gospel Principles about the Restoration and a few of them were asking questions about Joseph Smith and why he was important!!!!! Talk about some blessings!!!!! __________ is a stud and told me that he would make sure that all of these brothers were in church next week also!!!!!!! So, it could very well be that we have 10 new invetigators!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!! I am SUPER excited to meet with these brothers! I hope that we can get them to understand all of our message! That would be absolutely wonderful!

So, ya. That is my week! I am hoping for another good week and more news for next week! I hope that you are all doing well and that I can make this and eventful transfer for both Bethke and myself! I love you guys!!!


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