Monday, August 25, 2014

Nigerian Friends

Ciao a Tutti,

So as my mom is probably posting this every single week that passes, you guys probably know better than me how much time remains for me here in the mission, but guys, I cannot tell you how much I am loving things right now! We received some pretty hard-core bidoni last week! It was pretty bad, but we got through it and did over 17 lessons with people that we can see again and have A LOT of potential! We are really excited!

So the biggest part of the week was on Sunday! We had a really good Sunday even though we only had 4 investigators in church, but I want to chare a bit of info about these investigators. ALL of them walked to get to church! We have an investigator that will be baptized on Saturday and he IS obvioulsy SUPER dedicated to the church because he walked over 40 minutes to get to the church on Sunday! This man was very prepared to hear the gospel and he loves seeing the missionaries. I remember the first day that we saw him both Anziano Tanner (a Caltanissetta) and I talked with him on the same day! He was a cool guy and I remember having a great feeling about him that day. He loves making us laugh and teaching us some Pigeon English (the way that Nigerians speak english) and trust me, he gets a huge kick out of that! We actually know what a few things like:
How are you?
-How fa naw?
Have you eaten?
-You don shop?
Don't worry about it!
-No shekin naw!
Can you give me anything?
Anythin fo yo guy?
It is really fun and it is a great way to make our Africans laugh a bunch! I love it. I really do:)!

Darlington's friend named Gabriel is an absolute stud and will be baptized in 2 weeks from this Saturday. This man is not the biggest guy, but his testimony is quite MASSIVE! He really does want to follow Jesus Christ and promising him a better life made it that much easier for him to come! He feels SUPER good when he comes to church and he actually has quite a few friends in church already. This man walked over 1 hour to get to church from where he lives! This man is committed! He knows what is important in this life and he is literally willing to do anything to make sure that the Lord is pleased with his efforts! He is GREAT guy and Always has a smile on even when he is having a hard time! He is a cool guy. I will take a picture with him on Saturday because I know that he will be at Darlington's baptism!

We then have Oneyaka who is always from Nigeria just a different state than these other guys. He is REALLY quiet but he understands everything which is kind of strange. We are really excited to have this guy because he participates when he is at church and the members are REALLY good to him even though he is that quiet! This guy walked half an hour to get to church and he shows his faith by meeting with us two times a week! 

All of these guysa re AMAZING and I really want to see if we can open an African/stranieri branch here at Agrigento! I think that would be a REALLY good idea!

So this week, I gave an addestramento this week to the district and I really liked it! It was on the Book of Mormon. How many of us have really studied the front/opening pages of this book that makes us so much different than the other religions? I really liked doing this all week. Reading, studying, cross referencing, etc... I now have the front few pages marked up with different colors, verses, lines, etc..... to indicate where in the Bible and the B of M we can see different things. I think this really made me look out for the importance a little bit more! I would also like to leave this invite for you guys! Make some references, read the front pages of the B of M again and I know that you guys will gain a new love for it. maybe you guys could even give the book out. Go talk witht he missionaries and ask them for a Book of Mormon, pray for the opportunity to give it out, and I know for a fact that the Lord will give you the opportunity because after all it is HIS work!

I love you all! I hope everything is going well and that you are all keeping out of trouble! Make sure to keep on smiling and looking on the bright side of things! 



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