Monday, September 1, 2014

Darlington's Baptism!!!

Ciao Belli Miei!

So, this week was really good and really busy! Anziano Bethke and I have a ton of work to do every single day and this week is going to work us even harder because we are going to do two Zone Blitzes (where quite a few sets of missionaries go to one particular city and just get a bunch of contacts) for two cities in my district down here in Agrigento. It is going to be one hectic week just like the last one! I am getting really tired only because we are working so hard and I really hope that President gets the feeling that I am feeling of another set of missionaries here in Agrigento! I think that would be great! That would hlp us do a lot more missionary work with members and also get a ton more contacts by ourselves! It would be a really good idea in my opinion:). 

So this past week, we had a great one! Very busy and very edifying.

Lunedì was good! Very busy like every day and it was also very good because Dallington passed his baptismal interview and was really excited to get baptized! We actually got him a white shirt so that he could where it to his baptism and he liked it a lot! We also had two lessons to do and almost got another investigator only that he didn't make the follow up appointment. We are planning on meeting with him this week to show him who we are a little bit more than jsut another religion. He spoke with missionaries in the passed but never talked with them about who we are! We are keeping our faith in him and we hope that he is reading the B of M that we left with him!

Martedì was also really good because we had our Zone Conference and that was good to listen to and see. The theme was based on working with members and why it is important to work with them and not just do all of the work by yourself! It really kind of opened my eyes a little bit, because I realized that I have barely involved or done ANY member work since being here in Italia! I have usually taught and done everything by myself together with my comp! If the investigators come to church, we introduce them to different members and make them feel welcomed obviously, but I never really do any work outside of that with members! I need to start doing that better so that they can feel involved and loved also!

Mercoledì I was doing a good ole scambio with Anziano Fullmer (brand new missionary) and he was really surprised about the finding methods that I used! He was so surprised and saw that the way that I did things was a lot different than the way that he and his trainer do things in Sciacca. He likes my way, has been putting what he learned into practice, and he told me last night that they have 2 new investigators from the things that I helped him put into practice:)! Cool huh:)? I am so excited that I can help other missionaries learn something especially at the beginning of their missions so that they can be better in the long run:).

Giovedì we were surprised by Dallington and Gabriel! They made us some AWESOME Nigerian food called Fufu! It is SO good! We actually ate it twice this week and both times it was absolutely delicious! I am pretty sure that they planned that little surprise for us because we are REALLY good friends with them:). We had a good little corso d'inglese also. We have some awesome friends that are starting to come and they wanted to go out and do GIRO PASTA! Giro pasta is practically all you can eat pasta but you don't know what types of pasta there will be. All you know is that you are going to be eating what the chef makes you. Well, we did that and boy was it good! We ate a ton adn I DID NOT feel good after that!;) I was in heaven though for a little bit.

Sabato was the baptism and everything seemed to go right. There were actually quite a few people on the beach, but they didn't disturb us at all! Infact, they were really quiet and I could not hear anyone say anything! It was just us out in the water and Dallington getting baptized. I performed the ordinance and when he came out of the water, he gave me a huge hug! He was smiling like a crazy man and it was just such a great experience for everyone! Everyone was so loving of him and now Gabriel knows what is expecting him! He was freaking out because he wanted to be baptized with Dallington! He CANNOT wait for his baptism and he wants to get baptized this week. We will wait for another week though;). We have his baptismal interview on Wednesday though:)! He is going to pass easily! He has a huge testimony!

Domenica Dallington was confirmed a member and he received the Holy Ghost! Holy moly how great an experience! Every time there is a baptism and confermation, I always feel the Spirit so strongly! I love how many sacrifices these young men are making to meet with us and learn about how they can follow Jesus Christ in the best way possible! 

I have gained such a huge testimony of this church and the gospel! I know that when we follow strictly the rules that Jesus Chrsit has established, we are going to have a much better life and feel a ton better about who we are! Keep on loving life guys because it is a really great thing! It really is a gift from God and many times we take it for granted! I love you all and I pray for you a lot EVERY DAY! 



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