Monday, September 8, 2014

Staying in Agrigento???

Ok guys. I am really sorry, but this letter is not going to be REALLY full of information. I am going to let you knwo what went on and then head out because we have a really cool something to do that not many misisonaries get to see:). COOL COOL! So here we go!

This last week, we did a blitz (where a ton of missionaries get together and go crazy in just one city) in two cities. Both of them in our district down here, Caltanissetta and Sciacca. They both went well and I had a goal of getting both citites at least 10 contacts each, and I didn't get that goal, but we did find some quality people! We received 8 numbers in Calt. and 5 in Sciacca! That is still quite a few people that now know the gospel that didn't before! COOL HUH:)? I did a scambio and boy did I learn quite a few things:)! I love how you can learn things from people even if you are with them only for 3 hours at a time:).

I have to say soemthing before I go on! We receive the blasted transfer calls this week and I have never been nervous for a call since I needed to leave Reggio and that was a year ago practically! I really hope I stay but get a new comp. The one I have now is good, I am just stufo of him for other reasons. I want to stay adn get a new guy. I think that is what will happen? I think we will be getting two more missionaries here in Agrigento. At lest that is what I want to happen! I love AG and I hope that I can have a good conclusion to the mission with another guy:).

This brongs me to my next point, we have more work right now than we can handle by oursleves so we need a bit of help anyway! I really want to change this city for the better in every single way and have people remember the missioanries because my comp and I did the work and contacted them:). I want to finish teh course and fight the good fight.

Now I want to leave you guys with an impegno! Make sure to talk with the missionaries this week and get one of every kind of opuscolo that they can give you and read it. Make sure that you know what we teach as missionaries and how things go. It really helps us as missionaries when we have members that know what the Restoration adn how much of it we talk ab out it at the very beginning:)! Just for all you memebers out there who haven't served missions but want to be those good member missionaries and help the missionaries out:)!

I found out some cool info froma  book that I read this morning. Las vegas is one of the top most baptizing cities in the nation! Did you guys know that!? COOL HUH!?

I love you all! I have 3 months from today until I am on that plane!!!

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