Monday, September 15, 2014

Gabriel's baptism!!!

Buon Giorno a Tutti!

So this week was pretty fun. I made a lot of memories adn I actually am very excited to tell you guys all the went down!

We will start with Monday when I needed to scap off really quickly. We went to a place called La Scala dei Turchi. It was a really beautiful place and I took many good fotos and I sent them to my mom, so she should post them pretty soon. It was a great experience. We went with some friends and I am very happy for this time that we have had together to grow our relationships that we have with one another because we always need friends and family that like us right;). hahahah These friends are really cool and we want to aska  couple of them to start meeting with us because we feel like they have an interest in who we are as missionaries and as a religion. They are SUPER cool and I am very excited to have them here as our good friends!

Tuesday and Wednesday, I did a scambio with my old comp. Anziano McGuire in a city that is in the Agrigento district called Caltanissetta and it was actually a good scambio. We had three really solid lessons and we feel like Caltanissetta should be having its first members here in a couple of weeks (they aren't even a branch because they don't have any active members other than 1 who comes every week). We worked pretty hard and made some good work happen over there. It was good to be with that kid again. I miss working on the streets of Napoli with him sometimes. Napoli was a really hectic place. I do like Agrigento a lot. A TON of walking, but I like it:).

Thursday, we had a good fun filled day. We met with our cool Nigerian friends that are over in a paesino close to Agrigento called Favara and they were happy to see us:). We taught them il Piano di Salvezza. It was really cool. They all seemed to understand it pretty well and we only used scriptures from the Bible to explain all of it! I thin it is so cool how we use the Bible and the Book of Mormon so we don't ever need to be confused! It is much easier that way!

Friday was a good day because it was................................. GABRIEL'S BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It went really well. We got there about 45 minutes before it was supposed to start and Gabriel, Justice (who we are expecting will be baptized here in Ottobre), and Sampson were already outside of the church waiting for us! Gabriel was so excited to be baptized and he was so prepared to listen to what we had to say. He accepted all of the challenges that we gave him and he was REALLY happy the entire time! He had a smile on his face for every second of the baptism! It was so great to see this man enter into the waters of baptism just like his friend Dallington that brought him into the church! During Gabriel's testimony that he was bearing to us, he said, "When I first went into the water, I felt really cold (because the water was pretty cold for this time of the year), but then something satrted to make me feel warmer. When I was about to go under the water, I remembered how cold the water was and I thought about how cold it was going to be once I came back out. Instead, I felt REALLY warm while I was in the water and when I came out, I felt even warmer!" How great of words from a NEW man huh!? That is SO AMAZING! Gabriel! You are a great man and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet you!
During the entire baptism though, the thought of the transfer call was in my mind.

Saturday was when we got the call and I was expecting to leave....................................................... but I get to stay!!!! WHOA!!!! I am staying but I am receiving a new collegue! Cool huh!? His name is Anziano Holbrook and he will be going into his 3rd transfer. Also, there will be two more missionaries that will be added to Agrigento! How cool is that!? We have done such good work in the last 3 months that President has decided to put 2 more missionaries here to help us out! I know one of the missionaries (he is ok. Solo spero che non rompa!?) and he will be training a new missionary that will be coming in. We don't know who it is yet though? We will find out in 3 days though! SUPER WEIRD!!!!!

So ya! A lot of stuff has gone down this week! It has been a good one and it went by really fast! To answer a couple of your questions mom:
-Ya, I am feeling the call for home practically evey day that passes. I will tell you the truth. I love my mission adn I have really grown a lot especially in the patience category of it, but I am pretty ready to get back into the swing of things ya know? I love the mission and I am going to be working REALLY hard for the next around 3 months so that I can say that I have fought the good fight, btu I knwo that once I am done, Ia m going to be happy with the work that I have done and for all the people that now know the church a little bit more because of the missionary that I was! 
-I have thought about the fire department also mom only I know how hard it is to get in there. I mean even Uncle Danny couldn't get in and that was close to 5 years ago that he was trying for it I think right? It would be very hard for me to try at this point in time if I tried! I will look into it though. I would love to just help people in the future as a job:)! That would be SO fun!!!!!!

Well, I am off to do the P-Day stuff:)! I love you guys!

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