Monday, September 22, 2014

New Companion - Anziano Holbrook

Ok Famiglia e Amici Miei!

How are all of you doing!? I miss you A LOT! I have been thinking a lot about you lately because I have come to the bruta realizzazione that I am going to finish this missione actually quite soon. I am in my 14th transfer, I am going to only do one more, I have a feeling that my mission presdient is going to move me after this transfer to another place in Italia and then after that, I come home! It is REALLY weird and I am going to miss this beautiful country. I cannot tell you guys how much I love this place and how many memories that I have made here. I am going to be STRACONTENTO to hear and see you guys again, but I also know that I am going to be a REALLY different person grazie alla missione! 

So this week wasn't too eventful. We did have transfers and it was pretty good. I have a new companion and yes we are now in four as missionaries here in Agrigento because we have been doing that much work here! My new companion's name is Anziano Holbrook. He is from Sacramento, California and he is in his 3rd transfer. I have a feeling that I am only going to do one transfer with him and then I am going to go somewhere else. The other guys in the house are Anziano Hatch (11th transfer) and Anziano Borden (verdino greeny).  I really hope that we can do some great work so that Agrigento can maybe one day be a great ward! We had the stake president with us yesterday and he really want Agrigento to be a ward also because it has been this small for over 15 years now and he wants to see some new stuff. He wants to see priesthood holders and all of the characteristics of a ward here in the next couple of years. he made me want to really get a move on things! I know that I am only one missionary, but with my companion, we make two. Then we add on the other companionship and that is four. We then add on the branch president and his wife (the strongest members in the branch and they have been members for around 3-4 years) and that is 6. We get the presidnetessa della società di soccorso onboard and we have at least another 3 or 4 together with her! We could chnage this palce quite quickly if we just really show Agrigento who we are as a people! We need to get more people involved! We have to get somethings going!!!! I say we do it!

It was kind of just a bland week. Nothing too major happened. We did figure out though that we have 9 baptismal dates in this district alone with different people and that is more than the rest of the entire zone combined!!!!! How cool is that!? I love that idea!!!! We are really changing this place guys! I am SUPER happy to see the difference that we are making! I love it a lot actually! 

Well, I hope to give you some more info next week! I love you ALL!

Dallin "Anziano" Layton

P.S. JC did some math for me. I have 78 days left until I get to see you guys again! That is 2 and 1/2 months!

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