Monday, October 20, 2014

I fasted for enery, for the Work, and a better attitude.

Mom! As I am writing you, I have good ole Christmas music going;). Good stuff huh;)?

So this week for you guys was pretty darn good no? I am SO HAPPY THAT I HAVE YOU AS MY FAMILY!!!! You are GREAT! I can't wait to see you guys! It is going to be a great reunion and I am so glad that we all are so close as a family:)! It is the best! I have met too many people during the missing that don't appreciate their families enough. I am so glad that you guys mean that much to me and that we are that good of friends!! You are my life and I talk about you at least 10 times every single day! It is GREAT!!!!

So this week was kind of hard because we received tantissimi bidoni (qhen people say they are going to be at appointments and tehy don't show up) which needed to be filled up with time of talking with people and for some reason or another did NOT want to talk with us so guess what I did..................................................................................................................!? I took matters into my own hands (along with the Lord's hands obviously) and I fasted! I cannot tell you guys how amazing every moment was! I fasted sabato sera and domenica mattina and I cannot tell you how good it felt! I fasted for energy, for the work, and a better attitude (because I was obviously down about all of the lost appointments) and I cannot tell you guys how amazing it felt! Right after I was done, I had the BIGGEST feeling of love toward EVERYONE in the church! Everything became so much better! We went home and had a good lunch, studied a little bit, went out to another appointment and then we did finding. I went into the finding aspect a lot different than I was before! I had a REAL smile on my face and I knew that it was the Lord that was making me feel that way! We talked witha round 10 people that evening and 5 of them gave us their numbers, 2 told us to go back to that bench that they were sitting on and the other three didn't turn out to be much, but STILL!!!!! This was a testimony builder for me! I usually don't fast outside of fast Sunday (because we ALL know how much this big guy likes to eat;)), but I really felt like i needed to do it and boy did it work out

Also, this last week we LEARNED that there is a strict AFRICAN RESTAURANT here in Agrigento! IT IS SO GOOD!!!! Since we found out about it, we have gone two more times;)! IT IS SO GOOD!!!

So ya, the call comes this week to reallt find out my fate for my last transfer here in Italia! I would like to stay here, but if I get transfered, I know that I will love the next place and  I will do the exact same thing there and love it still! I hope that I can continue here! I would love to:)!

I love you guys!

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