Monday, October 27, 2014



Thank you so much for the pictures! I loved seeing them! I can't wait to see you guys! I am only counting the days until the first of Dicembre because that is practically going to be the only week where we don't have something planned! Thsi transfer is going to go by SO fast because I AM STAYING IN AGRIGENTO!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy to stay! I am the first missonary in 14+ years that is going to finsih the mission here in AG! I am so happy for that! I am also very happy to show Agrigento what I have to offer! I am also going to be doing scambiis with Caltanissetta (Anziano McGuire is training a new missionary this next transfer) and also Sciacca (we also have a missionary leaving Sciacca also)! We are going to have the Zone Leaders come down at least once this transfer to do a scambio along with us going to Palermo for Zone Conference and Zone Calcio! We also have Stake conference at the end of this month and then practically it will be time for me to go home! I am going to have the FASTEST transfer of my mission here in just a little bit!

This last week wasn't too eventful because we kind of started from scratch with all of our work. I think that it was the best decision for everything that is happening here. It is going to be good that way, we don't waste any time on people who aren't ready to hear everything that we have to say. I am ready to find those people that are ready to hear what we have to say and also to make sure I make someone's life better even if they don't acept what we have to say! I am seriously on a "Life High" right now! I am LOVING EVERY MOMENT! I wrote Jayce this quote that I made up for myself in these last couple days: "Keep on loving life, because when you love it, it will love you." How true is that though? You wrote me this mom, "It has been when I have chosen to be happy and LAUGH is when my worry...not necessarily my trials, but my worry, has dissolved. Laughter always makes everything lighter. Try to laugh. Purposefully, try to laugh on a daily basis. It truly is the best medicine!" and I cannot tell you how true that is! I have laughed more here on the mission jsut because of silly thigns that have happened, that I now have smile wrinkles! It is AWESOME!!! I have noticed that I am always thinking positively even when NEARLY EVERYONE around us is thinking negatively! I am ALWAYS looking for the positive in every situation! It is absolutely amazing how the mission has changed me and how it has really given me more answers that I didn't even know that I was looking for! hahahaha It is absolutely GREAT:)!

So last week, we went to Sciacca againa nd it was really fun. i went witha  relatively new missionary named Anziano Fullmer and together between both companionships, we found 10+ contacts for them and I am SUPER happy for that because they NEED work really badly! I love finding people and tlking with them. It is really fun! I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to show people who we are as a religion by being called as a missionary! It is absolutely WONDERFUL! I have loved every second even though I have experinced every emotion possible! hahahaha It has been great and I am going to make the most of this time that I have here in AG because I don't have a lot of it! Any suggestions:)?

Hey guys, I love you so much! Make sure that you guys stay safe! Look both ways before crossing the street, use your blinker, and fate sì che vi badiate (make sure that you take care of yourselves)!!!! Siate sicuri!!!!!

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