Monday, November 3, 2014

A month left!

Hey guys!

Can you belive that I practically have one more month! Holy Moly! It is the craziest thought to me! I breaka  month this week and from the 7th of Novembre, I will have one month in AG before I need to go to Palermo to wait for the train at around 5 in the morning on that next Monday! SUPER WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week as I told you last week, we started from scratch and boy have we seen the blessings!!!!! Dallington brought/introduced us to three or four of his friends and they are made of GOLD! They came to church yesterday and all they wanted to do was LEARN! It was amazing! They pulled me aside after sacrament meeting and they told me, "You guys need to come over to our house tonight so that you can explain to us what we learned in that class before (They learned about the Plan of Salvation)." Obviously I accepted and we went over to Dallington's house (because they live right across the street from one another) later that evening. We had a lesson for around 2 hours and it was one of the best lessons I have had in my mission! They asked questions, we answered their questions with the scriprtues, theya sked more questions, and we had them read more scriptures to answer their questions! It was GREAT!!!!! I LOVED IT! We are going to go over to their house again tomorrow and explain the Restaurazione! It is going to be REALLY GOOD!!!!! I can't wait!!!

This transfer is going to be really good! We have REALLY good weeks ahead of us and I know that the time is going to just fly!!!! I can't wait to see you guys, but know also that I am having a HECK of a time here in AG! I am going to miss this place A LOT when I need to go! I love this time so much! 

OH! Another thing! We had a Halloween party and it was also probably one of the BEST acticities that I have had here in the mission! I LOVED IT! We had kareoke, biliardino, ping pong, food, and a BUNCH of people! It was SO FUN! Dallington again came up big and brought/invited 14 people to the party! This guy has really understood the importance of this message and he wants others to understand it also! He is THE BEST MEMBER MISSIONARY EVER! I am going to miss that guy when I go! He is going to miss me too;). hahaha We had around 40-45 people at that party on Friday and over 17 of them were non members! It was AMAZING!!!!!! I am so glad that the branch is so supportive of them also! It wouldn't work if we had another branch here in Italia! I am so glad for the members here!

So those were the major things that happened this week! I am SO HAPPY TO BE HERE! I am definitely loving every moment! Keep those prayers coming:)! I love you all!

Anziano Layton

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