Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey Pops!

I guess I will just write you the email because I didn't get any letter from JC or Mom, so here we go:).

So to answer your question, no I did not get my death packet. I think they may have forgotten it in Rome, but I am pretty sure they will remind themselves here ina  little bit! At least I hope that they will:).

Evidence is still a total stud. He told us that he was going to make a big sacrifice every week to make it to church so that he could worship with us starting this week! We are going to go see him this week and just make sure that everything is ok:). I love that man! He is looking as good as ever:)! He has a young boy now with his wife:).

Before we met with Evidence, I talked with some Indians! They were SO happy when I told them about you! I should have a friend request from them on FB now. They said that they would like to see you and me when they go to America next year. tehy were from New Dheli and when I told them that Dada was from Gujraht (buh?) they told me, "So he is a business man right." They hit it right on the nose:). I kind of laughed at that because I didn't think that India had its places where people were good at different things! hahahah That is cool though:).

So this week was AMAZING grazie alla Conferenza Generale!!!!!!!!!! I loved those talks so mucha nd we had our new convert Gabriel with us there ALLLLLAALLALAAL DAY! Talk about faith! We tried to get other people there, but they weren't able to come! 

Unfortunately, a lot of our work has gone to other places for the moment, so we will see what we can get going with this next week! I really want to do good work here in Agrigento because for some reason or another, I think that this will be my last one here. I think President is going to transfer me! I don't want to be trasnfered, but it is the Lord's decision not mine!

So back to GC. I loved it a lot. I loved how Jerffery R. Holland was so humble in his discourse to the people! It was very nice to see! I love how he bears such strong testimony! I alo like how the apostles did the talks in their madrelingua so that was good too:). President Holland literally translated "Good job" into Spanish by saying "Buen hecho" se non mi sbaglio;)! I laughed really hard at that:). 

So ya. That was our week. nothing really amazing to talk about just yet. We will see what miracles God has in store for us this week!

I love you all!


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