Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday Dallin Dear!!!


So as you all know because I am positive that my mom posted all over facebook that it was my birthday and I am going to tell you that nothing really happened but that is totally fine because I don't expect anything from anyone anymore. I am looking forward to that gift of seeing all of my beautiful family and friends again! I don't want regali e doni, I just want to see my family and friends and to see how blessed I am! I can't wait to see your faces and to also have you guys bring a smile to my face! It brings a smile to my face knowing that I have only one more letter to write to you and then I am going to be on a plane the week after that! My birthday was the landmark that really made me realize how much time I DON't have here in Italia! I am going to miss this place a lot, but I know that my life has been so blessed by the service that I have done along with my comps in my various cities! I am so grateful for the mission and for everything that I have been able to learn in this time!

WOW!!!!! Lexa is home! Tell her that I miss her and I will see here in just a little bit and we can try and communicate in Spanish and Italian;). Man I love this language! I can't belive that I have practically not missed one moment of that girl's life. She decided, left, and returned all before I even came back! So weird! hahaha
So the investigators that we have are great. We are trying to teach them everything before that day of baptism so that they can know all that they need to! They are very big thinkers and they know the Bible REALLY well and we are trying to respond to all of their questions, but sometimes I feel like some lessons go along better than others. I have noticed that one of them can really sense how I feel when I walk into the room. He will tell me straight out what he thinks about my attitude when I walk into his house. It is actually kind of scary how he can feel what/how I am feeling! It is cool, but I have noticed that the lessons go a lot better when Anziano Holbrook and I are happier amd have more love towards everyone than if we don't! It is kind of crazy, but it is true! For all of those reading this message, , HAVE LOVE FOR THOSE AROUND YOU! It makes your life, their lives, etc...... MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!! Keep the love going on and on and you will see that your lives are going to be MUCH more full of meaning and happiness!

Quick help that I need you guys to help me with. One of the missionaries here in AG really hurt himself this week and he went to Palermo today to receive results on another test that he will be doing there. I would really love it if you could please pray for him and make sure to keep him in thoughts. I love you all! Please do not do anything dangerous before I get home (Michael)! I need to see you all in one piece! hahaha

Thanks you so much for everything! 

I love you so much! 


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