Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello all,
This past week has been filled with all types of emotions! 
I will start with Friday.Friday was an awesome day! I had my first Scambio (comp exchange)! It was so fun. I went out with Anziano Meldrum who is from San Jose California. He is an awesome missionary! He knows how to find and talk to people like nothing I have seen before. In the 3 hours we had in the morning, we received 7 phones numbers (when we later called them four were duds, but still;))! We did pretty well. We worked really great together and really worked our tails off. We then went back for our three hour break and then went back out. We had a great time throughout the day and I learned a ton of new things! When I get better with this language, Meldrum is the type of missionary I want to be like. Upbeat, ready for any answer, willing to just throw yourself out there! I'm glad that I got the opportunity to do a Scambio with him!
Saturday, we needed to get caught up on all the things we missed on Friday because of the Scambio. We were in the house for most of the day which was a bit of a drag, but we eventually made it outside for 2 and a half hours on Lungo Mare! That was so fun! Davids and I made what is usually a 5-10 minute walk because people have no desire to talk to us into a 2 and a half hour teaching session! Ya, we're pretty awesome;). LOL!  When we were finished, we grabbed some Gellato and headed home! That was a great day although the 3 numbers we got were duds! Oh well, it's still more than what we were doing before! Woohoo!

OK EVERYONE,  hold onto your seats! On Sunday, ___________, _______'s son said, "YES" to baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We set a date for May 11 and turns out that that is one day before his birthday! ____________ came in after our lesson with him and he said, "Mom, we made my baptism date the 11 of May." She responded with, "Are you sure you want to do this __________?" He then responded back with, "Yes mama. I tell you every day!" So awesome! I am so happy to be here sharing what I know with these beautiful people. I just love the whole family.
Monday and Tuesday, we had Zone Conference. That was really fun:). I got to meet a bunch of new people and make some new friends! I also was able to see a few kids from the MTC that I knew:). So awesome! I really like Zone Conference and I am looking forward to the next one:). 

Ok. That is my week in short and I hope that everyone is doing well! I love you all and pray for you every single day!!!!!! You are all such great examples to me! Thank you!



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