Wednesday, May 1, 2013

......"Italia is a noisy place and with you it just seems to become quiet"

Hello Everyone,

I forgot to tell you why my week kinda went poor in the previous letter. To put it very simply, my camera got stolen:(. Kinda sucks! I bought another one, so I can still document my doings, but it is definitely not as great! I am sorry mom and Pops! I really am. I will write some other time and tell you how it happened, but I do not have enough time in this letter because some thigns got jumbled up with scheduling today so....................... ya.

This past week went pretty well. I feel like evry single week goes by so much faster and I am running out of time to do the things that I want to do! It is really weird, but it feels to me like every minute is going by faster than the last. Although I still do not know the language very well at all, just throwing myself (not literally, thank goodness because I would smoosh these poor tiny people:D) at people and not caring if I mess up is great! It makes the time go by so much quicker when you can actually talk to people instead of just following your trainer around all the time!

Oh ya speaking of trainers, we got our transfer calls..................... Drum-roll please! Dallin Layton is..................... STAYING IN REGGIO CALABRIA WITH ANZIANO DAVIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! I absolutely love it here! IT feels like home to me! When we were in Catania for Zone Conference, I told Anz. Davids that it was weird being away from Reggio. It really is strange how you can get so attached to a place!

The thing that I want to talk about most is _________ (_______'s son). That kid is insanely smart! He soaks up information like crazy and has already bore his testimony to Anz. Davids and me! It was crazy. We asked him, "___________, do you know how important it is to believe in the thingst we are teaching you?" He responded with, "Of course. This is a life-changing decision and I love what you guys teach! All of these things that you are teaching me can only help me in my life...." He went on to say more, but I do not have time to write it. In a different lesson with him (we are trying to meet with him every day so that he can know as much as he can about the church before his baptism) I asked, "_________, do you feel a difference when you meet with us or come to church with us?" He then answered with, "Certamento, I feel different than when I am anywhere else because Italia is a nosiy place and with you it just seems to become quiet!?" <- Those words came out of an 11 year-old! I could not agree with him more! Whenever I hear _________ pray it is as if he has been a member for years and there is a spirit that he brings that I don't think I ever could! It is a great feeling and sight to see an investigator pray!

It is so exciting to do work here in Italy! Although you may knock on 500 doors and 499 don't turn into anything, you can always be sure that there may be that 1 on the other side of the next one that may want to hear what you say! That is such an exciting thought. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing gospel and to know that what we have is true! I am so grateful to help as many people as I can become better people! Anz Davids and I feel as if the work is picking up and we are extremely excited. I can understand many things in Italian, but now it is jsut a matter of being able to respond to them:)! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and like I said before, it is going by a bit to fast for my taste because I am already done with nearly 3 months of my mission! AHHHHHHGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! So crazy!!!!

Ok mom, about the Mother's Day thing. I will be able to call you and tell you what will be happening before Mother's Day comes. So, be expecting a call. Should I call Pops or you since he is the one that has the "over-seas" calling thing on his phone?

Oh and pops here are a few Italian words that you mights want to know;):
1) Biscotti= cookies
2) Arabiatta= angry
3) Comodo (comodtho;))= Comfortable ( To say that you are comfortable you would say: Sono comodo;))

I gave myself a it???

Well, sorry this letter wasn't full of much. Until next week! You are all always in my prayers and you are ALL great examples for me!



P.S. Tell Dex that I am SUPER proud of him and I wish him the best of luck!

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