Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I miss carpet.

Hi there:),

So, I need to start out this letter by saying two things. 1) I am going a bit insane because they don't have breakfast food here in Italy and it is kind of killing me since that is my favorite meal of the day;).  COME ON PEOPLE!  WHO DOESN'T LOVE MAPLE SYRUP??? 2) I miss carpet. That is all;).

(My apartment. Italians don't have carpet...anywhere)

To answer Grandma's questions first:
-They will proabably have the members in Rome work in the temple since there are a lot more memebers in Rome than where I am at. They could also possibly call people on missions to the temple. I had never heard of that before though.

(Rome Temple Constructio 3 weeks ago)

-I teach in english to my Nigerian investigators and we also do an English course to teach Italians English every Tuesday and Thursday so I get a bit of a reprieve from the waterfall of Italian coming at me! I "teach" the advanced course which is pretty much conversation and teaching them words they don't know. Also, the man's (____________) papers still aren't in and they said there is no way to find out what stage they are at. Sad, but we are praying for them!

(in Italy they build 3 lane roads and park in 2 of them:) )

Mom, ________ is around 47 I think and she has two kids. One lives in Rome and she is 23. The other one is a son that lives with her and we are teaching him! He absolutely loves it! He asked his mom if he could take the lessons from us and she said, "Do what you think is best!" What an awesome mom!!!! We have taught him two lessons, but we are dragging out the Piano di Salvezza (Plan of Salvation) a little bit because he finds it really interesting. We gave him a B.o.M. and he said that he would read it. We also invited him to get baptized if he found an answer and he said, "Of course!" He is a really awesome kid and very smart! He just soaks in the information that we teach him and he loves it.
As for the Nigerian couple, Their papers still aren't in and there is no way to find out what stage they are at. Like I stated above. We visit with them every week and teach, but they still don't have anything.

(My view from the Train....Life is rough!)

That bombing is a sad, crazy thing! This world is insane, but all we can do is teach and watch and love our neighbors as much as we can. We need to remember there is a bigger picture and remember God is so great and already has mansions prepared for us!

(Anziano Davids and I eating Gelato...Yum)

To send the package, just send them to the Mission home if you could. Someone is always there to pick them up. That goes with all packages if there are any being sent:). I sent JC's birthday present last week, so it should get there soon:). I hope he likes it:).

Ya Mom. That's kind of what kids us kids do ya know????................................... Grow up;). (See, I can still bring the sass;). )

(Our Chapel....a converted apartment)

I want to let you all know that I am teaching more than just 3 people like I mentioned in the last letter. We have about 6 "investigators" it is just extremely hard to meet with them because they are always working and they bidone (flake out) us sometimes, but oh well? What can you do:)?

(An every day scene...yes, this is a beheaded swordfish)

So, in the last week, we did three baptisimal invites and here is how they all went:

_______________said that he would get baptized if God gave him an answer. That takes a lot of courage especially as young guy! This church means a lot to it's members here and especially in a place such as Italy it can be hard to be a member so I am happy that he recognizes that.

________________ This lady has a lot of problems with her. Not mentally, but physically. She has false legs and she has some other health conditions from what I have noticed. We offered her the invite and she said that she doesn't know if she could because of all these problems. We kept reassuring her that it would be the correct thing to do, but she continued with the, "I can't." So, we are going to continually work with her and get her to know that this change in her life is something that will give her a lot of happiness. We also meet with her every week.

_________ We are not going to be seeing _____________ again. We met with her once and decided to give her an invite to be baptized and my comp told me to do it. So, I manned up and tried to muster all the spirit that I had  and asked her, " If God answered your prayers to be baptized would you?" Her response was, "No." Short, not so sweet, no explanation, and very brief! She shot me out of the sky after saying that! I was kinda disheartened, but then I decided to look at it from a different point of view.  The point of me being out here is not to make people uncomfortable, it is to share what has made me happy in my life. It is only their decision if they want to listen to the message and I can't take it personally if they don't want to.

If this mission is going to teach me one thing, I think it will be to always be positive and happy because those powers that be are really hard to get me down, but I am singing my heart away in my head because someone said in conference, "A happy child is one that sings (or something to that effect)."

Well, as always I never have enough time to say what I want and they are kicking us out for their earlier than usual Italian THREE HOUR LUNCH BREAK so I need to go. I hope you liked the pics and I will write next week:).

Love you all!

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