Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Ok. I am going to reply to the e-mail first and then I will send as many pics as I can. I don't have much time though!
First before I start this letter, shout out to Kelsey Costello for singing in Conference! I saw you and was freaking out! My comp thought I was crazy;). Also thank you to Brooklyn and Grandma for the letters! They were so great! I bet Brook looks good with her short(er) hair and Grandma always knows how to write those "spirit booster" letters! So, thank you for that!
Conference was incredible even though it was just Anziano Davids and me! No one from the branch came to watch with us (which was fine with me because that meant that I could watch it in english;)), but I still enjoyed it so much! I did love Holland's talk and I liked Perry's also! It is amazing to me that these men whom we sustain as prophets, seers, and revealators can speak to our hearts and know what we need to hear right when we need it.  The talks were incredible. There were two consistant themes that I noticed throughout. 1) This world is becoming a scary place. We need to be built on that sure foundation, which is Christ, or we surely will fall! We need to make sure that our lives are constantly in line with what the Lord wants or there is no way that he can help us. As Elder Perry put it, "We are in a war greater than that of WWII!" What!? Now that is a scary thought! It's true though. Anziano Davids and I were talking after his talk and we said that we couldn't agree more. This world is a scary place. Too many people are becoming diluded (Don't know if I spelled that correctly? This is what happens when you are out of school for too long:)! haha) to the world! The world is falling into a horrible situations. All we can do is try to live the best lives we can, love and help our neighbors and stay true to Christ? That's why I am doing what I am doing! WOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO:)! 2) The Savior lives! I think those two words, "He lives!" brings the spirit every time I think of them! What a great thing to know that He has risen and we will get to live with him one day!
To answer your questions about conference, we watched every session but the Sunday afternoon session on Sunday. It's weird to think that you and I were watching the same session at the same time in two opposite parts of the world! It's great that we have the opportunity to have wonderful technology though! Sure makes it easier:)
We are teaching a few people at the moment and we are trying to start teaching this Philipini family that Anziano Davids and his previous companion tracted into. They are seriously some of the coolest people! Their family reminds me of ours! They are loud, there are a lot of them, and every one of them is different in their own way! I think one of the moms requested you on Facebook mom? Her name is ________! (SHE DID AND I ALMOST IGNORED HER!!!) She is like my "Missionary Mom." She made me feel so welcome when I met her for the first time and all of that family is so hospitable. We are trying to start to teach two of the families especially the daughters named __________ and ___________ (these two are in different families). These two remind me of Michael and I except they are girls, they are about 5 foot-nothin, and they can DANCE;). The girls have got MOVES:) They are such an awesome family though. I hope everything works out with them!
I am eating well. As expected, there is a lot of experimenting with pasta which I still LOVE!!!! I had my first pizza last Saturday and I was the best pizza I have ever had I think! So simple, but SO good! The dough tasted like naan (Indian Bread for all you non indian people:)  )!!!! I am going to make that when I get home to America and make it famous! Naan pizza! I think I told pops about that once! No one take my idea though!;)
The branch is ok. ______________ (The Interrupter) keeps coming for some reason? I think it's just to cause trouble because he always buts in and says things during lessons in really fast Italian? Oh well. I need to learn to love all and forgive until 70 x 7!!!!! Anziano Davids and I don't hold callings in the branch. We just do whatever needs to be done. We are getting along really well.
Ok. Now to answer your random questions;).
1) Yes. I can e-mail everyone now. It's a new rule, but it is true. I probably won't be able to respond to everyone, but yes I can e-mail anyone I want to.
2)I haven't heard that it has, but that would suck! I would not enjoy that! I have a picture of it as of 3 weeks ago, and it look nice! ( I told him I heard the temple dedication is being pushed back)
3) It would be nice to have those sent to me yes. I have 5, but it would be good to have those (stuff from home:)  ).
4) I am sending them today, as many as I can;). (Pictures...I got 2!)
5) I love you guys more!!!
6) We get to Skype if you want;). I already know that answer to that question! When I know more about the regulations of it, I will let you when how, when, where, how many, who else, with who, and why it is going to go down;). (MOTHER'S DAY SKYPE...WOOO HOOOO!!!)
I haven't heard from Michael yet. I e-mailed him last week, but I haven't gotten a reply. I hope he is doing well! It sucks to have those headaches! I couldn't imagine! That would be the worst! Especially when you can't just chill for a bit and get better! If you could post his letters that would be great. I would like to see what he is up to!
Ok. I will send JC a letter. I didn't send him one last week because I ran out of time again, but I will this week even if they say I need to leave! Shoot I love that kid! He is such a stud! He doesn't need to worry about a thing when it comes to basketball. He is too good! The "Toasters" is a great name though. I think that is his favorite team right;)?

Also, tell Dadi and Dada that I love them and also give them my address so I can write them!

The money is doing well I am pretty sure! I don't need any as of yet. Once I do, I will let you know! Thank you for being such a great mom! I love you so much mom! I hope you know that! We have been best friends since I was born and that will never change! Thank you for always beiing such an amazing example of true love for those you love and I hope that I can pattern my life after that example! Thank you for always praying for me! I have felt the blessings and comfirmation of them through the work that is growing quickly! Thank you again!

I love you all and I will write again in a week!


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